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Every RPG needs a small village as a starting point and safe haven for the adventurers. It should include a smaller dungeon and some opportunities for role-playing, too.

This 28 page accessory does exactly that for LABYRINTH LORD. Larm is a small village of just over 100 inhabitants (112 to be precise) located on the borderlands, descriptions of all the major inhabitants, a lot of smaller tasks the characters can do for the village, with 2 mysterious places to be explored and a goblin camp nearby… The Mill (Appendix 1) is designed as a small starter dungeon to introduce the players to the mechanics of the game. The Abandoned Temple (Appendix 2) is a somewhat bigger dungeon where the players are confronted with various types of undead and the necessity of drawing a map. The Goblin Camp (Appendix 3) is set to test the tactical skill of the players, having to fight a group of weak, but organized humanoids.

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August 23rd, 2012
First impressions: solidly written, and a great lively town with several included adventures to get a fresh group of characters off to a fun start. Seems like it should be plenty of material to work with for several sessions. The included maps are usef [...]
March 26th, 2012
Remember the Village of Homlet? Do look back fondly on having a pint at the Inn of the Welcome Wench? I know I do, and with Brave Halfling's Larm you get that feeling all over again. Larm is more than just an adventure, it's a campaign starting point [...]
May 5th, 2011
Great old school fun! A simple sandbox style starting area with head nods to all the old classics like the Village of Homlet and Keep on the Borderlands. I used Labyrinth Lord to introduce my children to roleplaying games back when LL first came out, [...]
March 2nd, 2011
Larm is an accessory for Labyrinth Lord, easily convertible, of course, published by Brave Halfling Publishing. It is written by Moritz Mehlem, with art by Andy “Atom” Taylor. The PDF, which I bought a couple of weeks ago at RPGNow, runs 27 pages [...]
September 23rd, 2010
I love this town setting! It has an extremely old school feel, and even though it's written for Labyrinth Lord and such, it can easily be adapted into any other D&D version without too much problem. [...]
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