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OBE: Shrouded Classes: The Witch Doctor (Heroic Tier Playtest)
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OBE: Shrouded Classes: The Witch Doctor (Heroic Tier Playtest)


The Witch Doctor consorts with spirits to command the forces of ancestry, the elements, and the wild, armed only with her medicine stick and fearsome mask. Behold the terror of the evil eye and feel the ground shake with every tremor strike!

In this free 8-page PDF, take a look inside One Bad Egg at this in-development controller player class. Become a part of our design process, and share your playtesting feedback. We're listening!


Delve Deeper Into the Shroud!

Crack Open These Hard Boiled Ideas™

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March 4th, 2009
Although we can remember playing Assassins, Cavaliers and Thief-Acrobats, our gaming group is new to the 4E movement. As such, you may understand our hesitancy on adding a new player class. However, we have used the HARD BOILED CULTURES by One Bad Eggs [...]