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Eden Studios Presents: Volume 1
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Eden Studios Presents: Volume 1



Eden Studios, Inc. is pleased to announce a new supplement series called Eden Studios Presents (ESP). Focusing on a wide variety of Unisystem materials, each book will be filled with scenarios, archetypes, monsters, new and alternate rules, and much, much more.

    Volume 1 of the ESP series features:
  • New monsters by David F. Chapman for your Buffy or Angel RPGgame.
  • L is for Liberty, a Terra PrimateApeworld by Dan Proctor.
  • An interview with Jason Vey, author of the upcoming AFMBE supplement, Dungeons & Zombies.
  • Archetypes for any Unisystem game.
  • A Unisystem sci-fi setting by Andrew Peregrine
  • An intercepted phone conversation between David F. Chapman, the Conspiracy X2.0 Developer, and a mysterious Agent X.
  • Tigereye, a Conspiracy Xscenario from Jason Little with notes for both Unisystem and the original game mechanics.
  • A new monster for WitchCraft and Armageddon by Charlie Von Eschen.

Future issues will contain articles just as exciting as this first book. Prepare yourself for scintillating scenarios, archetypes galore, previews of future products, handfuls of bad guys, Chronicler and player tips, and even a multi-episode campaign!

Eden Studios views ESP as an ideal showcase for both new and known authors, giving everyone the potential to be a part of the team! Eden realizes there are a great many quality "unknowns" out there and wants to give them the opportunity to shine. Veteran writers are also welcome, providing solid groundwork for gamers to use, spindle, and mutilate. Whether you are a up-and-comer, an oldtimer, or just a fan, you'll find new and interesting material in each book.

So, what are you waiting for?
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August 5th, 2007
I was generally disappointed with this book. Bad Firstly, I didn't want to buy articles of interviews with soft questions. There is nothing in the interviews that couldn't be found on Eden's forums. The archetypes are a popular a [...]
July 30th, 2004
This a curate's egg. The Apeworld for Terra Primate is well formed but short. It also suddenly switches from logical archetypes to a bunch of monster hunters that I suspect come from a different adventure. The Conspiracy X scenario will play fine, and [...]
June 19th, 2004
This is another quality Eden Studios product. It has some monster for use in a Buffy/Angel game. It has interviews with the writers of Dungeons and Zombies and Conspiracy X 2.0. The best part of this book however is Spacefarers and Prairie Folk and L [...]
June 7th, 2004
The first issue of Eden Studios Presents starts off the series with solid, well-written support for all their game lines. The editing and presentation are up to Eden's top-notch standards. My favorite article is "Starfarers and Prairie Folk" [...]
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