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Book of Experimental Might II: Bloody, Bold, and Resolute
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Book of Experimental Might II: Bloody, Bold, and Resolute

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Book of Experimental Might II: Bloody, Bold, and Resolute
A 64-page combat sourcebook for all levels

It’s back -- and more experimental than ever! This book exists because readers loved The Book of Experimental Might and demanded new options for nonspellcasting classes. In response, Monte shares more creative rules from his own campaign. Here you’ll find . . .

New rules for fighting domains: areas of specialization like Two-Weapon Fighting, Mounted Combat, and Fighting Dirty, as well as techniques based on agility, speed, strength, and intellect. The 15 domains provide new abilities to fighter types willing to devote themselves to a focused path.

A retooling of the feat system, with three new concepts -- double feats, oblation feats, and uberfeats -- and dozens of new choices.

Special benefits for choosing a feat as a fighter bonus feat, reinstating the fighter class as the king of feats.

Optional rules including more combat choices, a method for “boosting” feats for extra benefits, new uses for the Grace/Health system introduced in the first Book of Experimental Might, and more.

Like its predecessor, Book of Experimental Might II keeps your characters adventuring longer, enhances existing classes for greater playability, and expands your game options to add to the fun. Continue the experiment!


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Shane O. [Regelmässiger Rezensent]
May 23rd, 2008
Good ol’ Monte. Even though he’s announced that each of his last several books would be his final RPG product, he just can’t seem to keep himself away. The experiment that was his most recent finale product – the eponymous Book of Experimental [...]
May 9th, 2008
This is nothing short of brilliant. It pretty much completely obviates the need for things like the Tome of Battle. The original BoXM may or may not have worked for the average game, but this belongs on every d20 fantasy table. [...]
Nathan C. [Regelmässiger Rezensent]
May 7th, 2008
I think I am realizing I am a fanboy of Monte Cook. It is an embarrassing admission of a reviewer. I see his name on a title and I expect greatness, the way that I do when Magic Johnson used to touch a ball. Most of the time I am satisfied with the out [...]
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