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Classic Spycraft: 1960s Decade Book

Classic Spycraft: 1960s Decade Book

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The war might have been Cold, but the intrigue is red hot.

Return to the golden age of espionage in this brand new Spycraft setting. Thoroughly researched and highly detailed, this worldbook delves into the knuckle-biting tension of the Cold War. Fight back the tide of nuclear paranoia and take a stand in one of the most unconventional wars the world has ever known.

  • High-Stakes Intrigue: Delve into a murky world of cloak and dagger between escalating superpowers.
  • Customizable Gameplay: Run a superspy campaign against a global menace or branch into the gritty East vs. West struggle in Europe, Russia, the U.S., and abroad. Play a game of political tension or a taut suspense thriller. The choice is yours!
  • New and Modified Agent Options: With a unique spin on the Spycraft base classes, this is a whole new game. Play a rugged agent of the CIA, the KGB, or MI6. Choose from new feats, skills, and backgrounds written just for the 1960s. Requisition period gear, vehicles, and gadgets. Play Spycraft like never before!
  • Relive History or Create Your Own: From the space program to Vietnam to the rise of police action, options are provided for covert and public missions on every scale. Visit swingin' London, scale the Berlin Wall, combat social upheaval in Washington, and unearth frost-shrouded secrets beneath the Kremlin. Whether you want to play news events of the period or a game behind the scenes, this book has everything you need.

This file is fully bookmarked for ease of use.

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February 17th, 2008
The best espionage book ever created to make the 1960s Cold War spy genre come alive. Even if you play D20 Modern and not Spycraft this book is incredibly useful. Don't miss on picking it up. [...]
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