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Fading Suns: Arcane Tech
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Fading Suns: Arcane Tech


With the Fall of the Second Republic, Science and Technology were brought low. The Church claims that these former monuments of human genius eclipsed the grace of the Pancreator with hubris, that humanity must but worship one god and not be beholden to the false totems of reason. In the New Dark Age, few dare ignite the fires of knowledge, to shed light into the dark places humanity once walked with certainty.

Visionaries are rare; branded as heretic, anarchist or republican. The Church turns ignorant eyes to more sacred visions instead. Engineers pick over the remnants of a bygone era in the hope of recovering some of that former enlightenment. Their patchwork creations—golem, appliance or thinkmachine—are all considered monstrous by the Church.

Arcane Tech catalogues some of the most bizarre and illicit technology in the Fading Suns universe, and includes equipment designed at every stage of human development, from the highest to the lowest: psychic devices, artifacts, weapons, and much more. A must for well-equipped technosophists everywhere. Beware the contents of this tome: for those who spurn the laws of the Church and construct demons of metal and lightning, to be called heretic and hunted by the Inquisition is the doom of all who look to the past for answers as the suns fade.

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December 22nd, 2008
FS is one of the best systems around, and this material only expands upon it. Its interesting to show how the Church thinks of technology. [...]
July 7th, 2008
Neatly organized with a number of fresh ideas as well as updates on things from its precursor book [...]
February 1st, 2008
Arcane Tech for the Fading Suns 2nd edition rpg is awesome. A must buy for any FS player. It is filled with ideas you can use for nearly any sci-fi rpg and even fantasy rpgs where clark's law is the basis for magic, which chapters covering weapons, rob [...]
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