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World on Fire
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World on Fire

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A world torn apart by fear, sewn together with lies...

Terror. It is a word we know well. It haunts our daily lives and changes the way we act, the way we think. Though we may not realize it, terror has drawn us into a new kind of global conflict that is fought not only in far off places but also in our hearts and minds. Einstein was only part right: World War III is not being fought with devastating weapons of mass destruction — yet — but rather with the strength of true conviction, the principles required to take a stand for a future worth saving. He was right about the stakes, though. They’re nothing short of extinction.

World on Fire presents a savage, uncompromising view of one possible future that is all too dangerously near. It is a dark mirror of the real world, disturbingly familiar yet shockingly different, in which spies and soldiers become revolutionaries poised to shape a future of their own design.

What will your tomorrow be? Are you ready to face your fears, root out the lies, and fight for it? The battle begins here...

  • Customizable Setting! Everything you need to run any number of hardcore, no-holds-barred true espionage stories all in once place. All the lavish backdrops, plots, causes, and crises you'd expect from the premiere espionage design house with no factions to weigh it all down! Instead of presenting pages of material of interest to only some of our readers, we're holding all that off for a high-detail, high-impact series of PDFs! Expand your setting as you like or let it all ride with one of the hardest-hitting products ever produced for Spycraft!
  • Comprehensive Tradecraft Chapter! The most detailed agent-level tradecraft toolkit ever released for Spycraft! Learn all the dirtiest tricks of the trade as they're practiced right here in the real world. Everything from cryptography to proper discretionary procedures to combat techniques. It's all here!
  • Tons of New Character Options! New classes - the Ace, the Centurion, the Edgemaster, the Fixer, the Forward, the Goliath, the High Roller, the Martial Artist, the Medic, the Menace, the Mole, the Ninja, the Provocateur, the Saboteur, the Spin Doctor, the Street Knight, and the Terrorist! New feats in every tree! New organization rules, contact rules, campaign qualities, and more!

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Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
January 19th, 2015
The premise of this book is straightforward: to provide a coherent background for modern espionage games that is realistic but imaginary enough to avoid problems such as the real security services coming round to check out your terrorist plot or anyone [...]
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