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BASH! Sci-Fi Edition

BASH! Sci-Fi Edition

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BASH! Sci-Fi Edition is here! This game features fast character creation, quick combat, and over 100 powers to make your game Heroic! You only need a pair of ordinary six-siders, this book and and a 3x5 card for your character, but we included a sheet anyway! There are hoardes of alien monsters & robots to smash, strange new worlds to explore, and a fleet of starships to get you there. Use this book to create a true science fiction saga, or incorperate more science fiction into your BASH Superheroes. This zip file contains 2 pdfs-- a screen version, and a printer friendly version to save you ink!

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Ten things you can expect to see in its pages:

1. Guide to making up your own alien races, & a plethora of extra-planetary powers.

2. Psionic powers galore as well as rules for psionic disciplines.

3. Varying types of bionic, robotic, and technological powers.

4. Of course, a righteous array of Mundane powers to make your bounty-hunters, ace-pilots, and starship captains just as cool as a psionic cyborg alien.

5. Starship & Vehicle combat-- along with descriptions of dozens and dozens of ships and vehicles.

6. Mass combat rules -- both in space and on planet.

7. Equipment for almost any era of technological development from primitive to medieval, to industrial, to modern, to varying degrees of future technology. You can find spears, rapiers, vibro-lances, and blaster gatlins all in the same section.

8. Many more hazards to challenge your Heroes. Spacewalks, vacuum, low/high/zero gravity, radiation, can be dealt with by the rules.

9. Rules for creating your own planets & randomly generating their inhabitants!

10. An appendix full of various subgenres to dive into. Discover danger and wonder at the center of the Earth with Colonel Mustache during Victorian Fantasy. Gird on your sword & freeze ray to challenge the queen of the Space Amazons in Science Fantasy. Strap on a rocket-pack and put up your dukes to defend America from the evil alien overlord in Space Pulp! Fire up your chainsaw and hold off the nuclear zombies for one more night in the Post Apocalyptic genre. Plug in your headjack and use your Avatar to hack into the Network in the Cyberpunk genre. Make sure your hair looks perfect, and then jump into your 100' foot tall Mecha to defend the Earth in Mecha-Pilot genre. Go back in time to stop the Nazis from winning World War II in the Time-Travel genre.

So after this, you gotta ask yourself just one question: are you ready for BASH! Sci-Fi?

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February 18th, 2016
BASH is a great, simple system. The rules are clear. Characters are easy to build. Essentially BASH is designed for super heroes, but the powers translate well enough into the SF realm. There is alwsys a scaling problem when a super system is used for [...]
September 12th, 2010
BASH Sci-Fi Edition is indeed a complete toolkit for running any type of science fiction adventure a modern sci-fi fan can imagine, and it's also no slouch when it comes to running modern action or thriller games either. The system is deceptively compl [...]
December 24th, 2009
BASH! Sci Fi Edition is a great product based on the simple but innovative BASH! mechanics. All kinds of Sci Fi goodies from light sabers, psionic powers, Mecha, the list goes on. [...]
October 14th, 2008
BASH! SciFi Edition is toolkit, first and foremost. If you came looking for a "complete" RPG, you will probably be disappointed, since there is not setting. That aside, it's a marvellous toolkit. In the span of 138 pages, it covers ev [...]
November 30th, 2007
OK, here's what I like about this book--the exact same rule-lite system as BASH! Fantasy edition, none of those weird soak roll rules from the supers version. For $15.00, which I still argue is steep for a pdf, you get a highly workable system complete [...]
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