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The Echoes of Heaven Bestiary/The Tainted Tears (OGL Version)

The Echoes of Heaven Bestiary/The Tainted Tears (OGL Version)

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Format: PDF Download
Size: 20.6 Meg
System: OGL
By Robert J Defendi

". . . if I had to recommend one single line that didn't make the list, this would be it."
--Jeramy Ware, 2007 ENnies Judge

". . . Stunning . . ."
--Nicholas Caldwell,

Pages: 93

Foul and tainted creatures stalk this way.

Veteran game designer Robert J Defendi brings you a world of darkness and danger, where a monolithic church has split into dozens of quarreling factions and holy war looms like a shadow. Here, strength and brutality win the day and only those with the most faith, honor, and courage can stand against the terrible tyranny of those who would enslave everyone of a different belief, a different philosophy, a different race.

Worse, it is a world infected by the very fabric of Hell itself.

Towering Nephilim. Wicked Cambions. Noble Angels and fallen Devils. The legions of Hell. The dreaded Elemental Wraiths. Since the release of The Echoes of Heaven, our products have been filled with hints and descriptions of these creatures. Some of them are familiar. Some of them are new. Look no further, because here you will find the creatures unique to The Echoes of Heaven.

The Tainted Tears:
Pages: 56

An adventure that spans ten thousand years.

The characters have seen many kinds of Ulcers, but while chasing a great evil across the world, they encounter something more. They've seen great dangers. They've seen great hardship. This time, they'll see something deep and tragic. They'll discover that sometimes the greatest horrors are more subtle, more natural . . . more human.

An adventure for 8th level characters.

Requires the world's most popular roleplaying game to play.

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Shane O. [Regelmässiger Rezensent]
December 13th, 2007
The Echoes of Heaven Bestiary/The Tainted Tears (OGL version) is a combination of adventure and accessory from Final Redoubt Press. The zipped file is over twenty megabytes in size, and contains two separate PDFs, along with a PDF readme and Campaign [...]
October 17th, 2007
OK guys, first thing to get straight is that I bought this product at a discount on condition that I review it. I had downloaded the freebie adventures which I thought were pretty impressive, and wanted to see how good the real product was. The limits [...]
October 16th, 2007
Product Review: Defendi, Robert J. 2007. The Echoes of Heaven “The Tainted Tears” & “The Bestiary”. Salt Lake City: Final Redoubt Press. 58pp. Stock# 1004DB $9.99 Robert Defendi’s, The Tainted Tears is a complex cohesion of metapho [...]
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