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Swordsman's Guild
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Swordsman's Guild

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“En garde!”
You’re quick with your blade and quicker with your tongue. Your enemies are numerous
and waiting for a weakness. Do you spend your days watching the shadows? Or call them out on
the field of honor and settle things once and for all?
You’ve lost your daughter to brutal kidnappers. The authorities can do nothing to help.
Do you accede to the thugs’ demands and pray they show mercy? Or find someone with the skills
to take your little girl back?
An enraged nobleman is after your blood, demanding a duel to the death. You have no
weapons and know nothing of swordplay. Will you die for some petty insult? Or can the
Swordsman’s Guild give you the strength you need?
Twenty years ago, three men met and made a pledge to uphold the traditions of chivalric
combat. From their pact rose the Swordsman’s Guild, fencers, duelists and adventurers who live
and die by the strength of their steel. Now, for the first time, learn what it takes to join their elite
ranks, and find out just how far a good blade can take you. Draw your weapon if you have any
honor: the Swordsman’s Guild demands satisfaction.
Swordsman’s Guild includes:
• Extensive background on each of the numerous schools approved by the Guild.
• A complete history of the Guild, from its founding up to the present day.
• Details on the Guild’s most important NPCs, from the stalwart Miles Donovan to the deadly
Linnae Knute.
• Rules and guidelines for conducting duels, including Reputation effects and ways to spin such
conflicts into larger adventures.
• A host of tips for playing Swordsman Heroes.
• Nine completely new Swordsman Schools, approved by the Guild and ready to play!

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Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
December 13th, 2016
Do you take swordplay seriously? On Théah, that's probably the only way to take your swordsmanship... so here is an elite organisation that anyone who has waved a sword around ought to be aspiring to join. It's possibly the most 'international' organi [...]
November 29th, 2014
Anything made in Seventh Sea is Awesome. This is a must have book for any Seventh Sea campaign. It includes multiple schools and Grand Mastering Rules for Seventh Sea. Which are incredibly different and better than the rules posted on th [...]
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