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Big Robots, Cool Starships
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Big Robots, Cool Starships


Big Robots, Cool Starships, the multi-genre mecha design and combat supplement for BESM and the Tri-Stat System. The book contains the necessary mechanics to run a mecha-heavy campaign featuring the exploits of angst-ridden robot pilots, sleek combat cyborgs, bold starship captains, and a limitless number of other anime mecha archetypes. But it doesn't stop there! Big Robots, Cool Starshipsis sufficiently flexible to allow players and GMs to design and stat-out nearly any vehicle, structure or giant monster from any genre in a matter of minutes - from motor bikes to space stations, mecha-dragons to pirate ships. All this from a flexible creation system that minimizes overly-complex mechanics and maximizes your creative potential!

This is a supplement for First Edition of of BESM, but can still be used with Second Edition.

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September 20th, 2008
This BESM product is very good, and generic enough for most RPGs. Author David L. Pulver is usually known for the more realistic treatments in GURPS of Robots and Starships, but here gives a good generic treatment. Although written for BESM and TriStat [...]
September 16th, 2004
Very good! This is an excellent sourcebook that is incredibly comprehensive. The style is appropriate and it is easy to read. Well worth the investment. LIKED: The fluff is just as detailed as the mechanics so I would recommend it for u [...]
May 22nd, 2004
I really like sci-fi, so this right up my alley. Enjoy. [...]
February 5th, 2004
Contains possibly the best vehicle generation rules I have seen. [...]
November 26th, 2003
A great addition for a good game at a very, very low price...what more could anyone want? The .pdf quality is exceptional, with each and every page produced in a crisp manner (pictures too). Also, the turn around time between ordering and getting [...]
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