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Trinity: Stellar Frontier: Psi Order Upeo wa Macho & Extrasolar Space Sourcebook
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Trinity: Stellar Frontier: Psi Order Upeo wa Macho & Extrasolar Space Sourcebook


The Prodigals Return

The Upeo wa Macho, psions able to teleport through sheer force of will, vanished years ago. With the teleporters' mysterious departure, we lost not only intrepid explorers, but our contact with millions of people stranded on colonies light years from Earth. These worlds struggled for half a decade to survive against who knows what kind of dangers. The ties with the Upeo and the lost colonies have recently been restored, but the time apart wrought great changes that few could ever have predicted.

Mysteries Laid Bare

Stellar Frontier covers the long-lost Upeo wa Macho psi order, and the isolated extrasolar colonies. Learn what it's like to be a teleporter — to sense the constant movement of all things through the universe, and to blink across galaxies with but a thought. Discover how the colonies survived through the years they were lost to Earth, and what threats emerged during that time. Find out why the Upeo vanished in the first place... and what it means for the rest of the Trinity Universe.

Stellar Frontier includes:

  • Expanded, full-color source material on the Upeo and deep space
  • Detailed tips on playing a teleporter, including full psionic powers
  • Revealing information of known and new colonies

Hidden Lore

Release: Originally released May 1999, Stellar Frontier renders teleporters and their psi order playable for the first time. Where other Psi Order/Region books listed alternate modes for their chosen Aptitude, this book lists primary modes instead, as teleportation had never been described previously.

Follwing the trend of the pseudonymous editors of the previous two books, the editor here is listed as "Bartholemew von Dingleberry MCXVII."

The truth about why the Upeo wa Macho vanished is repeated here. The order's previous duties on Earth, their activities during their self-imposed exile, and their current actions, are all covered here, as well as their new headquarters after having abandoned their spaceport in the United African Nations.

The Extrasolar Space section goes into a fair amount of detail on existing colonies like Karoo, Ruan's World, and Khantze Lu Ge, and other heretofore unknown colonies, including at least one colony inhabited by refugees from the Aberrant War.

Cover: The cover by John Zelenik shows a teeleporter wearing neo-African tribal designs in the process of teleportation. Her upper body is solid, while her legs dissolve into motes of light. In the background is a planet standing out amongst the darkness of space.

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