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Luna Rising: Psi Order ISRA & Luna Sourcebook
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Luna Rising: Psi Order ISRA & Luna Sourcebook

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See the Cosmos from a New Perspective

The Moon is home to the psi order known as ISRA, a loose brotherhood of psions with the ability to cast their senses across vast interstellar distances — and even through time itself! Luna is considered the new center of human culture and a nexus of commerce, politics and corruption. As the saying goes, "Anything can — and usually does — happen on the Moon."

Enter the Universe of the Clairsentients

In Luna Rising, learn the secrets of the ISRA, the clairsentience order. See what it's like to pierce the barriers of human perception and uncover the secrets of the universe. Myriad agencies — governments, corporations, psi orders and even the Æon Trinity — conspire with and against one another on Luna. Experience the mystery and intrigue in this hotspot of human activity, at the edge of civilized space.

Luna Rising Includes:

  • Expanded, full-color source material on ISRA and the Moon
  • Detailed tips on playing a clairsentient, including new psionic powers
  • Revealing information on Lunar society, politics and law

Hidden Lore

Release: Released May 1998. Luna Rising is the first of the combination Psi Order/Region books, which provide information on both a given psi order and their chosen region of influence. This innovative approach was intended to make each of these books useful to as many players as possible, even if they didn't play a given psi order.

This is the first book to sport the revised Trinity logo on the back cover, which will be used for the rest of the life of the game line. The earlier version was quickly created following the rapid changeover from the Æon title.

A sidebar in Luna Rising labeled "Vision Process 418" is the first known appearance of the recurring plot element known as "Process 418," better known as the "Venezuelan Phenomenon" in its aftermath (see Terra Verde).

Art: White Wolf, or something like it, seems to last well into the future. The "Akira van Woc" (William O'Connor) picture of Yutu Yinchon on page 29 displays a large White Wolf logo. The associated text is too small to read clearly, but appears to say something like "White Hebletey Publishing Co."

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