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Aberrant Players Guide
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Aberrant Players Guide


The Power You Want

Baselines worship you. They love you. They fear you. Is it enough? Can it ever be? This book contains secrets that will bring your nova character to whole new levels of power.

The Knowledge You Crave

The Aberrant Players Guide has everything you need to expand and empower your character, from ingenious new ways of using eufiber to powers that can only be described as "cosmic." The Aberrant Players Guide contains new insights into what the life of a nova is really like, rules for creating and using gadgets, new and devastating powers, expanded Backgrounds, the full skinny on the N! Network, a catalogue of odd nova-only organizations and much more. You've been waiting for this.

Hidden Lore

Release: Originally published January 22, 2001, this was the final traditionally-published Aberrant product, and the penultimate product in the line. Like the Trinity Players Guide before it, it eschewed any color in favor of black-and-white as an attempt to lower costs, although it hadn't yet made it as far as moving to the ArtHaus imprint.

The book opens with the rather controversial "This Is Not Superfriends" developer foreward, which drew ire for telling people how to run their game, telling many fans who were otherwise having fun that they were doing it wrong.

Several of the authors are recognizable to Trinity fans. Some of the abilities they created for this book were done in an attempt to explain some of the overarching Trinity Universe storyline, in particular the Level 6 power Universe Creation, which is presumed to be the power used by Divis Mal when he abandons Earth at the end of the Aberrant War.

Some notable sections include a section on playing psiads (naturally occuring versions of Trinity's psions), with rules for creating them for both Aberrant and Trinity, and the existence of Projects other than Utopia, such as the psiad-focused Project Pandora, and a section on pre-1998 time periods which may have had novas. One of the periods mentioned is the 1920s, which will be covered in the very next Trinity Universe product released, Adventure!.

Cover: This fantastic piece by artist Glenn Fabry repeats the iconic eruption of the "first nova," the Fireman, as he saves a bus full of school children.

Errata: On page 117, a large chunk of the Momentum Swap technique was covered by an image. The first paragraph under Momentum Swap should read: "The nova concentrates on two nearby objects and exchanges their momentum. Each now moves at the speed and in the direction the other was moving, multiplied by the difference in their masses. The heavier target can weigh no more than twice what the smaller target does, doubling for each level of Inertia Control after the first: twice as much at 1 dot, four times as much at 2 dots, eight times as much at 3 dots and so on. It takes just one success to perform the Momentum Swap. The nova can use extra successes to reduce the speed of one target or the other. Each success spent halves one target's speed; the excess inertia manifests as a slight warming throughout the nova's range."

On page 136, some text is partially covered by the image for Time Travel. The text appears to read "can apply them in one fell swoop."

Oops: The footer on the table of contents (p. 190) lists the book as "Aberrant: Utopia."

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October 12th, 2008
I really enjoyed the books, all of them and I only wish that White Wolf kept making them! [...]
September 20th, 2007
As a player, this is an excellent resource to have. I have been able to expand the powers of my character in the game with my Storyteller's permission. It is a must have book for Aberrant!!! [...]
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