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Artifacts of the Arcane Art Cards [BUNDLE]

Artifacts of the Arcane Art Cards [BUNDLE]

This special bundle product contains the following titles.

AOTA-TTF- Medicine Man
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Artifacts of the Arcane Font


Medicine Man ttf Font depicts petroglyphs of many ancient mythos creatures and icons of perhaps earlier civilizations prior to the well-known Elves/Man/Dwarves and other humanoids. Use this font as an addition to mysterious and ruined places, lost scrolls and perhaps in large land mass engravings of incredible magnitude.

All symbols are unique to this font, kept in the feel of ancient Toltec,Mayan and Aztec essence. The numerical symbols are completely different than the petroglyphs and consistent with one another.

Be sure to check out the rest of the TTF collection by V Shane of Wacom Knight Studio (listed on RPGnow as



Arcane Creations Vol. 1
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The Original art image collection that started it all on RPGnow! Beautifully illustrated cards, usable for any fantasy game system. Contents: There are 60 images; 15 pages of illustrated b/w line art @ 200dpi. *Rings,broaches,wands, necklaces,statues. **foreboading weapons; daggers, swords, axes, flails, gauntlets,& bows. ***Mysterious articles of clothing; robes, cloaks, belts, boots, gloves, greaves,& helmets. **** There is even a mundane items cards to keep track of arrows/rations/water. Pre-designated cut out lines make trimming fast and easy, just print on your favorite cardstock. Advantages of the visual organization of special/magical weapons and items makes it easier for the game master and even yourself as a player to keep track during combat. Tired of hearing ?whats...

Arcane Freebie
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A frequently downloaded product featuring Arcane art (usable by publishers), short story from guest writer Chris Heath. Be sure to check out other Arcane Publishers Editions by VShane 600+ images, MP3's AND FONTS!




Arcane Phoenix series: Rings I
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Through the Arcane Phoenix Series, individual module collections will appear bi-weekly allowing you, the gamer, to collect only the Blank Cards you want to use. So I felt the best way to help the GM (and the players) was to create a vast selection and an over the top amount of a given type of magical item.


The Phoenix Series will change all that.

Here in the Rings I edition, you have available 30 types of ring oriented body-wear. There are more rings here than in 3-4 combined of the previous series AOTA. Imagine future series as well, Swords I might have 20+ illustrated blank cards of just swords...nothing else. Each of the successive volumes will maintain at an affordable $2-4 depending on the complexity of the project volume.


Artifacts of the Arcane Vol 2
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Welcome to the second installment of Artifacts of the Arcane (volume 1 titled Arcane Creations). This was created with the Player and the Game Master in mind to help smooth out rough areas of organization and visual en-hancement. All the designs created in this PDF are for personal use only and not intended as clip art for commercial use (see Arcane PE series).


74 illustrated items 20 of which are Dwarven oriented 4 table/tent-style Characters in color Full page of 10 potion containers Reproducable usable art over and over again 23 pages each at 200dpi for detailed printing on your favorite cardstock.

All RPG systems, All stats, All your ideas.

brought to you by V Shane



Artifacts of the Arcane Vol. 3
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This volume celebrates the Elven heritage with a mixture of 40 items; cloaks, staves, weapons & armor. As well as 20 Elven character portraits (10 male/10 female) that vary from full blood to half blood. 60 images total. Enhance the overall feel and beauty of your Elven adventures. Half of the portraits are highly detailed pencil style and the other 10 are highly detailed Ink rendered illustrations that ad an exotic fullness to the images, no conflicting backgrounds just gentle and elegant.

200 dpi for each image. Blank printable cards, awaiting your stats, your history, your game system! Brought to you by V Shane Artifacts of the Arcane series. *** Note: this is not OGL Clip Art, only for personal gaming ...

Artifacts of the Arcane Vol. 4
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The Iconic Edition 49 full 1/4 page images

Iconic edition supplements the visual gap for Players and GMs alike who are in need of diefic representations of magic and items that are iconic of a players faith, or ancient artifacts of ceremonial use that were imbibed with energy/magic/curse or perhaps the very keys one may need to unlock the unknown; great treasures, gateways, even simple herbs and incense that PCs can use to trade or keep track of strange spices.

Ceremonial Masks Incense/Spices/Herbs Statues/Decor locks/Keys Guardians/Monsters Misc. Ceremonial items Hand held and temple icons

Dwell on the images in the demo link and let your vast imagination walk upon the ancients ways of lost worlds whether your genre is...

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