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Action! System Core Rules (Free Version)

Action! System Core Rules (Free Version)

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Get ready for Action!

The Action! System Core Rules provide all of the basic rules necessary to create and play a role-playing game. Create adventures and characters based on your favorite movies, TV shows or novels.

The Action! System is ready to play as-is, but with the addition of rules Extensions and Variants it is versatile enough to satisfy even the most demanding gamer!

Plus there are a ton of free downloads from Gold Rush Games and other third party publishers available to enhance your game at the Action! System web site!

With Action! System you have all of the tools necessary for hours of interactive storytelling entertainment. Easy to learn and fun to play.

This free download version contains 96 pages of the basic rules, plus tips and rules on:

  • creating new Attributes and Attribute Groups
  • creating new Skills and Skill Groups
  • creating customized skill lists
  • creating new Advantages and Disadvantages
  • creating and running (GMing) adventures

Recommended for ages 12 and up.

Read what others are saying about The Action! System Core Rules...

"...overall flexibility and great combat system... Playability and Value for the dollar: 5/5"
d20 Magazine Rack

4 1/2 Dice (out of 5)!
Guide du roliste Galactique

"The Action! System is a great product. If you're anything like me, it will have you reconsidering that game you always wanted to write but never had the drive to make your own rules from scratch. I give it an A!"
The Open Gaming Exchange (10/08/02)

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February 8th, 2018
A real nice point-based system. There are different levels of purchases limits according of the campaign you plan to run (cinematic, realistic...). Amongst all noteworthy features I especiallt appreciated the vast list of advantages & disadv [...]
Timothy B. [Featured Reviewer]
June 20th, 2011
Good game for action/adventure RPGs. It is designed to focus on "realism", so no super science or magic, but perfect for say a spy, detective, cop or any other type of action game. [...]
May 30th, 2009
The ACTION! system is easy to get used to. it is really nothing new or astounding but it gets the job done. [...]
July 26th, 2008
ACTION! offers a system that can support a variety of settings. It's a nice little system if you haven't settled on one to focus on, but it really doesn't offer much in the way that it resolves the usual mechanics for a game being played. Lots of poten [...]
June 30th, 2006
A generic system, using point-buy to gain a character traits and skills in the way the player wants. If you're tired of systems that shoehorn you into certain roles, check this out for freedom. And its free!<br><br> <b>LIKED</b&g [...]
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