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Downloader Monthly - Jan 2003

Downloader Monthly - Jan 2003

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As we end one year and start another, we figured it would be a good time to take a retrospective look at the year gone by. Hundreds of products have been released this year, greatly expanding the market for electronic delivery adventure gaming. Gaming is growing in a whole new direction, and this issue celebrates the best that 2002 had to offer in the field of electronically-published gaming.

Of course, with the immense array of games and supplements available at RPG Now, it can be a daunting task to sort through them all and pick the best. We?ve reviewed many of the products that came out this year, providing you with brief information about the ones that stuck in our minds and stood out among the ever-growing landslide of quality gaming products.

There are those who say that roleplaying is waning - that it will be replaced by the Next Big Thing. At RPG Now, we think that electronic publishing could be the Next Big Thing. Of course, we don?t want to see epublishing replace good old fashioned paper books, but it is an affordable way to add to your RPG collection without emptying your wallet. We have worked hard to provide you with another excellent issue of Downloader Monthly.


  • The d20 Multiverse
  • What's not d20
  • GameWyrd Best of 2002
  • Cyberpapacy Sourcebook
  • The Book of Hallowed Might Preview
  • The Dragon Shield
  • Whack It Good! Comic
  • Inn Floorplan
  • Clip Art
  • RPGNow Top10 Charts
  • RPGNow Product Index

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