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Downloader Monthly - Dec 2002

Downloader Monthly - Dec 2002

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The inaugural issue of RPGNow Downloader Monthly. With the huge influx of publishers to the electronic delivery market, we decided to create a monthly electronic magazine that would help you sort through the cornucopia of available products. We'll use this magazine to highlight top sellers, provide reviews, relate news, and generally show off what e-publishers can do. Not only that, but each issue will give you some entertaining, useful or interesting articles and columns provided by the publishers who contribute to the phenomenon that is RPGNow.

RPGNow brings you a wide array of gaming products that you can?t get at your local store. We release products before they go to print. We provide electronic copies of out-of-print gaming supplements. We have software that you can use to make your game faster, better organized, and more fun. We have innovative and new custom gaming products, and you can?t get them anywhere else. RPGNow livens up your gaming in ways that were never possible before now.

One recent news item that many of us are excited about is the advent of Print on Demand (POD). Now, you can purchase some of the books at RPGNow pre-printed and have them mailed to your home! This option allows publishers to create printed books at a reasonable cost, which allows our customers to get them affordably. Because they will be allowed to submit covers, spines, and all the interior pages, publishers will have control over how your finished product looks when you get it.

Table of Contents:

  • Don't Call Me Ed - Letter from the editor (which would be me) PDF - A short essay on the democracy of the PDF format
  • The D20 Multiverse - A look at a handful of PDF D20 releases
  • What's Not D20 - A look at a handful of PDF non-D20 releases
  • Review - Visira, City of Sorrows
  • Review - Battlegrounds Floor Plans
  • Cluckscab - A D20 mount with a twist
  • Adventure vs Sourcebook - A comparison of the two in PDF format, and the advantages of PDF adventures
  • Lt. David Jensen - A character for Dreamwalker, with suggestions and story seeds
  • Ruins of the Vampire - Original paper model
  • Top Sellers Lists
  • Product Catalog
  • Whack It Good - Humourous cartoon strip from V Shane

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