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Adventurer Essentials: Bastard Sword

Adventurer Essentials: Bastard Sword

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Welcome to the latest installment of our 'Adventurer Essentials' line of products! As always we take one classic, workhorse, item common among adventurers everywhere and expands and explores the item.

Not everyone carries the rugged hand and a half sword but you can be darned sure the warriors in the party have laid hands on one during their careers if they haven't got one currently strapped on.

The Bastard Sword

Also known as the hand and a half sword, the bastard sword is the generic name for a large number of straight bladed European swords used with either one hand or two. They were used in virtually all Western European countries after 1000 AD, up until well into the 1500s. The bastard sword is the 'bastard' version of a long sword and two-handed sword, using properties of both.

Included in this 49 page PDF are tons of information on this staple of a Adventurer's arsenal!

Chapter 1:
Story: Tobin and the Knight
The Bastard Sword
Weapon Variants
Special Materials
Bastard Sword Accessories

Chapter 2:
Fighting and Feats
Tobin and the Hand and a Half Sword
Finger Control

Chapter 3:
Hand and a Half Classes
Those of the Blade
Hybrid Barbarian
The Knightly Steed
The Ten Commandments of the Code of Chivalry
Hand and a Half Master

Chapter 4:
Revisit the Firestarter
Magic Items
New Melee Weapon Special Abilities
Fifty Four Magical Bastard Swords
Six Psionic Bastard Swords
Hand and a Half Artifacts

Chapter 5:
Gods, Monsters and Mortals
The Firestarter
Deities of the Bastard Sword
Cabron of the Blade
Sword Mimic
Torg Stall - Classic Fighter
Linda Tin - Multi Attack Fighter
Garth Neverend - Two-Weapon Thrower
Tobin Mephisto, Storyteller
Tanya - WhirlWind Paladin/Samurai/Fighter
Sir Cyfin Hawk - Knight
Hand and a Half Help


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January 27th, 2008
Everyone uses swords, so a book about how to customise them is a pretty good idea, given how cheap this is. There's quite a lot in here for the price, and most of it could probably find some use in campaigns. ---- To be honest, the great majority [...]
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