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Weapons of Power Armor Destruction
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Weapons of Power Armor Destruction


With the advent of more and more Japanese anime and manga influences on the American pop cultures, in particular science fiction, it was only a matter of time until this would also develop into and effects RPGs and gaming in general. With this influence, the conception and development of the mecha rules of D20 Future were created. Now while many think of the term, mecha, being only large battle suits that tower over skyscrapers and office buildings and size is equal to several city blocks, smaller armored suit of high technology battle armor; similar to what Iron Man and War Machine of Marvel Comics and even the Cyclone Armor from Robotech: The New Generation wear; normal called Power Armor was an oversight in the creation of these rules. This supplement and sourcebooks was created with the development and creation of Power Armor for small tactical military groups in mind in a skirmish type setting. These Power Armor rules have been created to close the gap between the typical infantry soldier and the large-scale mecha weaponry.

This product is also available as a softcover bookshelf edition direct from Louis Porter Jr. Design's Website.

NeoExodus Legacies

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September 15th, 2006
This comment is about the bundle package 1-5. This product is simply a regurgitation of the Mecha rules from D20 Future. It is workable however, but requires you to put some time and effort into it. I would recommend it undergo a review and be r [...]
Josh B. [Featured Reviewer]
October 9th, 2005
The first product in the Polymecha line, Weapons of Power Armor Destruction expands the mecha rules from d20 Future with rules for creating smaller sized suits of power armor. The basics are the same as those for larger mecha. Select a small, me [...]
October 6th, 2005
WoPAD is a nice fill for the gap left by the WotC D20 Future book. A gap that is a very interesting & popular sub-genre of Sci-Fi gaming. Bravo.<br><br><b>LIKED</b>: WoPAD uses the same effecient & easy to use layout as [...]
Anthony R. [Featured Reviewer]
October 6th, 2005
Weapons of Power Armor Destruction is a 19-page PDF devoted to something that will please Iron Man fans everywhere - power armor. Designed for use with the d20 Future rules, Weapons presents a simple and direct menu approach to creating power armor. [...]
July 23rd, 2005
Now, I will admit, this review is a little bit biased, as I'm a fan of power armor in general, but, curiously, don't much care for mechs. This book was excellent. It took the d20 future mecha rules and scaled them down to a size usable by the a [...]
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