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The Immortal: Unliving

The Immortal: Unliving

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The Immortal:Unliving
Golems of Flesh and Mechanical Men

by Ben Mowbray
Art by:
Ben Mowbray
Owen Kuhn
John Milner

It's Alive!!!

Flesh golems -- iconic monsters inspired by Mary Shelly's Frankenstein and the myths surrounding the Cabalist alchemists of medieval and renaissance Prague.

Automatons -- clockwork creations made to resemble human beings, machines that emulate a semblance of human life.

The idea that life can be created, or that the dead can be brought back to life, is a recurring theme of modern horror that has been with us in one form or another for centuries.
As creatures constructed of the dead and brought back to life, or creatures that never lived to begin with, flesh golems and automatons are in theory unable to die naturally because they are already dead, or were never alive to begin with. Therefore, like the vampire, they face an eternity of existence.
Continuing on with The Immortal series, The Immortal: Unliving explores the subjects of the flesh golem and the automaton. Following in the shadows of his immensely popular The Immortal: Vampires, Ben Mowbray brings the subject of the sentient construct to life with clear and concise information on many aspects of the use of Mad Science in a Fantasy Setting; with additional information on using this book in d20 modern.
Catering to DM and player alike, The Immortal: Unliving gives you everything you need to run constructs as NPC'c or as player characters in your d20 campaign.

This products features include:

An overview of golems and automatons throughout history and fiction

Tips on roleplaying automaton creatures and Frankenstein's Monster-like characters that have been given a semblance of life

Rules for adding sentience to non-sentient constructs

Two new skills -- Knowledge (science) and Craft (clockworks)

A variety of new feats geared towards constructs, specifically PC flesh golems and automatons

A variety of new feats geared towards constructs, specifically PC flesh golems and automatons

Construct components that can be implanted or installed in constructs to boost their capabilities

A host of other optional and variant rules covering constructs

New equipment, including construct-specific armour, clockworks, and strange new devices -- the byproducts of mad science

27 new construct monsters and templates, including the automaton, flesh golem template, patchwork bride, reanimated, simulacrum, toxicant flesh golem and the transplanted clone!

Notes for conversion of the presented monster entries and templates into d20 Modern

The Mad Scientist prestige class, and rules for mad science in a fantasy campaign

An Illustrated map of a typical mad scientist's lair (full floorplans available as a separate product)

Beautifully illustrated!

Fully bookmarked!

Features both a standard pdf and ink saving printer friendly version!

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© 2007 UKG Publishing
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Nathan C. [Regelmässiger Rezensent]
February 23rd, 2007
In the role playing world, Mummies and Vampires are far more notorious than there ancient monster lore brother Frankenstein. Even the wolf man has more movies, booksand RPG supplements. Apparently someone at UKG publishing felt sorry for clas [...]
Sean H. [Regelmässiger Rezensent]
January 28th, 2007
The Immortal - Unliving: Golems of Flesh and Mechanical Men by UKG Publishing is a sourcebook for D20 fantasy. Weighing in at a hefty 130 pages (128 after cover and OGL, 124/123 for the printer friendly version) with a clean and easy to read layouts [...]
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