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Big Bang Vol. 3: US Army Future Combat Systems
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Big Bang Vol. 3: US Army Future Combat Systems


This particular volume of Big Bang focuses on the Army Future Combat Systems. We'll look at the entire family of new weapons being developed as variants of the XM8 Lightweight Assault Rifle and revisit the XM29 SABR. We will also cover the X312 .50 Caliber Lightweight Heavy Machine Gun, the XM307 25mm Crew-Served Weapon, the XM25 25mm Airburst Weapon, the XM107 Long Range Sniper Rifle as well as its M82 "Light Fifty" predecessors, and Barret's XM109 Payload Rifle. We also cover the Predator SRAW, AT8 Bunker Buster, Multi-Purpose Individual Munition/Short Range Assault Weapon, and the XM320 40mm Grenade Launcher. It all comes with the usual stellar combination of tasty fluff and crunchy goodness you've come to expect from the Big Bang series. Over 30 weapon systems and variants are covered in this volume.

Be aware that this product was produced in 2003 and many of the weapons detailed are no longer part of the Future Combat Arms program.

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Jason C. [Featured Reviewer]
January 9th, 2016
The Big Bang series has for many years given us a solid historical overview of weapons development, distilling its information from many public sources. The US Army Future Combat System supplement is one of my favorites of the line, since it attempts [...]
December 19th, 2004
Covers the XM-29 and its developments as well as anyone could ask, given the changing situation and the level of information that is public knowledge. The indexing and some of the stat blocks are a bit garbled.<br><br><b>QUALITY</b [...]
October 18th, 2004
Ooh Mama! Cutting edge combat firearms and support weapons from the most technologically advanced fighting force on this planet. Although not yet deployed in the real world, these weapons will change high-tech conventional warfare in the years to come. [...]
March 9th, 2004
I love the contents of these but who the f^@* decided to skip fwd and backward in the timeline like this? Overall thay are highly informative, accurate and upto date. Like I said the down side is going from modern to ww2 to Iraq to yadda yadda should [...]
February 2nd, 2004
Once again I have to say I am impressed with the work at realism that the guide has. Most other guides are kind of shall we say outdated and biased. If you are playing in the modern times you really need a gun. Right? Well why settle foe a gun that [...]
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