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Adventurer Essentials: Holy Water

Adventurer Essentials: Holy Water

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Adventuring can be dangerous. That's why every treasure-hunter needs the proper equipment. With the introduction of our "Adventurer Essentials" line we will examine the items that every adventurer needs to ensure he makes it back alive for the next adventure. Time-tested, and proven by countless dungeon crawles and wilderness expeditions, these are the essentials you'll need to survive the dangers ahead.

The first piece of equipment covered in the "Adventurer Essentials" line is Holy Water. In this PDF we take a brief look at the history of Holy Water and its creation. We also examine several variations of Holy Water formulated to combat specific threats. Included in this PDF are eight variant Holy Waters, two potent magic items and more! Don't leave for your next adventure without the essentials.

Written by Dennis Mohr.
Artwork by Anthony Cournoyer.


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January 21st, 2010
Variant items for dealing with specific undead monsters and their abilities. Contains good additions for a PC's arsenal in undead heavy campaigns, but little else beyond an expanded item list. [...]
January 7th, 2007
Some useful seeds of ideas for specialised ways to fight undead. It's a bit soulless for my taste and, for the magical versions particularly, I don't know how attractive the ability to suppress certain undead or devilish traits will be, considering the [...]
Peter I. [Featured Reviewer]
November 21st, 2006
Adventurer Essentials: Holy Water is a short 7 page pdf product for the d20 system. This product is the first in Skortched Urf' Studios' new line of Adventurer Essentials products. Each product in the series aims to examine those essential items that [...]
Nathan C. [Featured Reviewer]
November 17th, 2006
The latest thing in the PDF world is to take one item or spell and to delve as much into the analysis of it as you can, diagnosing every legend, nook and cranny. Adventure Essentials: Holy Water is the first in a series of books taking this concept to [...]
Shane O. [Featured Reviewer]
November 16th, 2006
Adventurer Essentials: Holy Water is a short sourcebook from Skorched Urf? Studios. The zipped file is just over three-and-a-half megabytes in size, containing a single PDF file a little larger. The PDF is seven pages long, including a page for the cover, [...]
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