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Raven of the Scythe

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Raven of the Scythe is very much a work in progress. While the rules of the game are finished, I am still working out a few flaws. With your help, I hope that we can turn Raven of the Scythe into a quality product on par with the very best in the role playing community. Thank you for your help.


I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has supported my work.  March has been huge in terms of downloads and feedback.  I have made a couple of updates to the core rules as well as fixed some of the typos and errors.  It is only because of you guys that any of this has been possible.  Thank you.

Raven of the Scythe is a simple yet powerful fantasy role-playing game.  Brave and cunning heroes must face off against powerful forces and ancient evil as they struggle against all odds to push back the darkness just once more.  

Core rulebook contains everything you need to build characters and run games using Raven of the Scythe.  

What is Raven of the Scythe?

This game takes a lot of the "standard fantasy tropes" and dials them back just a bit to hopefully create a more grounded experience without going full on "grim-dark" or "dark and gritty". Your characters are powerful, but always vulnerable. There aren't rules for bloody disembowlment, but at the same time your characters could be seriously injured by something like falling off a horse or something like that. 

So, Who should play Raven of the Scythe? 
Anyone who wants to play in a slighly more grounded version of a fantasy RPG than is the standard. 

How do you play Raven of the Scythe?
It has a pretty simple system where you roll 2d10 and add some modifiers to it.

What Kind of characters can you play in Raven of the Scythe?
Any type really, I tried to make the various fantasy archetypes all available and fairly balanced against each other so that everyone can feel like they are contributing something to the game, even if that something isn't raw combat skills. You can be a warrior, thief, bard, priest, as well as practice any of six different schools of magic. Exactly what you play is up to you though, as there are no classes or anything, you are pretty free to mix and match skills and abilities however you want.

What does Raven of the Scythe offer that I can't find in other fantasy rpgs?
I don't know honestly. Probably nothing. I am just one guy with a laptop and a production budget of zero dollars. So real quick I determined that my goal wasn't going to be to reinvent the wheel, but rather to just build a really good one. Where I think Raven of the Scythe really shines is in its tone, which is unfortunately very subjective and hard to fit into a blurb (Dim Dark maybe?). Also, the game IMHO walks a very fine line between crunchy and rules light. The core rules are just over 170 pages and they tell you everything you need to play the game, but I also wanted to make the game feel complete. Thus there are rules for character creation, character advancement, social interaction, combat, animal companions, magic, bardic music, priestly powers, crafting, and numerous other ways that a player might want to make their character feel unique and special.

I saw your Coybow game Devil's Crossroad, is Raven of the Scythe like that?
Not really. I learned a lot from Devil's Crossroad, and I am very proud of that game. But I wanted Raven of the Scythe to be its own thing. While some of the terms I used in Devil's Crossroad show up here too, the two games are very different. 

Will there be support for Raven of the Scythe? 
Yes, as long as people seem to be enjoying it. I have a setting book and a few other smaller supplements.  I really hope people like this game, because I honestly enjoy working with it and creating things for it.

I found a typo
I am sure you did. I have done my absolute best to proofread this thing as best I can, but between me and Grammerly, there is only so much we can catch. I suppose that if everything goes well, I would like to create a more professional grade book which would involve hiring artists and proofreaders and stuff like that. Perhaps I'll look into that in the future and maybe even try to crowdfund something, but for right now I just wanted to put the game out there and see how people respond to it. After all, if no one likes it, there really isn't much point.  I do try to fix issues when I find them and update the file when I feel like a significant number of issues have been addressed.  Its just a long proccess and takes time. 

Once again guys thank you very much for giving my game a chance. This has been a very long process to get from one day thinking "I want to make a game" to being here sharing it with you. Thank you again, and I really do hope that you find something you like in it.

I also have  youtube channel you can check out

Update Notes 21MAR2018

I Fixed a few typos here and there, corrected the range and damage for the frost blast spell and added a new function to the nature skill. 

Update Notes 26MAR2018

Typos again.  Also, changed the Devistating Blow favor.  

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Discussions (3)
Customer avatar
Kurt R May 08, 2018 1:19 am UTC
Hello James, Why have you updated this product 4 times in the last 3 days, this is getting ridiculous!
Some details about what is happening and why these are necessary would be nice.
Maybe add version numbers to your updates.
Customer avatar
Zachary S October 20, 2017 2:10 am UTC
Do you mind explaining what makes this stand out from other systems?
Customer avatar
james E October 20, 2017 2:42 am UTC
I tried to do just that on this thread on

The long and the short of it is that this game takes a lot of the "standard fantasy tropes" and dials them back just a bit to hopefully create a more grounded experience without going full on "grim-dark" or "dark and gritty". Your characters are powerful, but always vulnerable. There aren't rules for bloody disembowlment, but at the same time your characters could be seriously injured by something like falling off a horse or something like that.

I hope that helps at least a little.
Customer avatar
Kyle S October 16, 2017 12:25 pm UTC
Why the colored underlines on page 25?
Customer avatar
james E October 18, 2017 9:24 pm UTC
Thanks for downloading RotS. Not sure why those are there honestly, or why they are only on the one page. Hope it isn't too distracting and I will be fixing it on the first chance I get.
Customer avatar
Kyle S October 18, 2017 10:17 pm UTC
Eh, no worries, just curious.
Customer avatar
james E October 19, 2017 1:38 am UTC
Ok, those strange underlines should be gone now. I have no idea how that happened.
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