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Clanbook: Nahema
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Clanbook: Nahema


An overview of the Nahema and the first three levels of the Phantasm Discipline are now included in BLOODLINES FROM THE VAULT vol. 1!

Bloodlines from the Vault

The childer of Malakai, twin sister of Malkav, have hidden among the Malkavians since the 15th Century. Paranoid and terrified, the Nahema have always found comfort in the presence of their Malkavian cousins. Now, for the first time, the secrets of the Crazies are revealed as Clanbook: Nahema delves into the lore and abilities of this small and obscure clan. 

Within these pages you will find a brief history of the Nahema, including clues to the activities of the clan founder. You will also discover the reason Malakai was locked away so many millennia ago, when the power of the unique Phantasm Discipline is revealed!

Clanbook: Nahema includes:

  • An Introduction to Clan Nahema: Descended from the twin sister of Malkav, these Kindred infect the world around them with their madness.
  • A New Discipline: Phantasm, which allows the vampire to warp minds, bodies, and eventually reality itself. Nine levels of the discipline included!
  • New Derangements: Ten new Derangements for use with your Nahema or Malkavian character.
  • New Templates: Three new ready to play members of Clan Nahema and one Nahema Ghoul.

Get the Clanbook: Nahema Interactive Character Sheet by Mr. Gone at /product/225108/MrGones-Clanbook-Nahema-Character-Sheets


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Storyteller’s Vault: /browse.php?author=Travis%20Legge

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December 6th, 2017
So they are out to get us all! A review on 'Clanbook: Nahema' by Travis Legge & Sarah Scharnweber. And filled with "out to get whomever" pranking, as the most fatal about a clanbook is a lack of GIGGLE. Even cobweb was invented later, but [...]
December 5th, 2017
This is one of the best products on the ST Vault. The Clan/Bloodline is incredibly interesting and ties in with multiple larger WoD plotlines. Malakai is referenced in Gehenna and I believe in other books as well. You also have a really interesting tie [...]
December 5th, 2017
A truly well written bloodline book. A great example of content, though I do note a number of design related issues that could do with resolving. The price is an absolute steal with the number of Derangements the author includes which can be used even [...]
September 12th, 2017
Honestly, I wish there were a lot more content. The basic story about the Nahema's origins and powers are cool and all. But I wish the author had delved into the factions (such as may exist) in those who wait for their Founder's return. Some more te [...]
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