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Horror Rules Book of Bad Guys #3
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Horror Rules Book of Bad Guys #3

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STILL MORE Brand New Bad Guys!

We know what you're thinking. "They already gave us Horror Rules Books of Bad Guys #1-2... my players are still traumatized by the horrific and terrifying creatures I've unleashed on them. How can things get any better?!" Well, they can't. This stuff is just too darn good! But, as long as you've got your players reeling and are tossing record amounts of Character sheets into the shredder, why stop? If you take it easy on them they'll just get weak. So, we dug down deep and found more previously unexplored and disturbing areas of our brains to bring you... STILL MORE BRAND NEW BAD GUYS!!

This third release in the popular Book of Bad Guys line is another meaty 10-page collection of completely original, brand-spanking-new Bad Guys. Just like in the others, you won't find tired, warmed-over old foes like axe murderers and yetis, but ten never-before-seen and totally creeperific fiends designed to possess, torment, suffocate, poison, freak-out and otherwise bring harm to your players. Be prepared to watch them cower in fear as they face such fiendish foes as the "Bone Reaper," the "Psycho Fungus," "Old Lantern Eye" and the really really freaky freakiness of "Mr. Whispers!"

We Made 'Em, You Unleash 'Em

As usual, each Bad Guy includes all the official Horror Rules stats (Health, Grip Check, Attacks, Powers, Vulnerabilities, etc.) as well as a description and enough background info to give you plenty of seeds for working up a whole adventure script. Of course, if you like, you could just unleash the beasts on your players without the benefit of a story and watch the mayhem ensue. The choice is yours. And, although designed for Horror Rules, each critter could easily be adapted to any other modern or fantasy setting. What more could you want?!

Scare Aids!

Okay, so let's say you DO want more. No prob, we gotcha covered! Also included in this supplement is a helpful Scare Aids section, featuring specially sized and formatted pictures of each Bad Guy so you can print them out and use them as a visual aid in your game. Scare Aids have no stats or names and allow you to display the critter without having to fold pages in your book or try to cover up stats. Why? Because SHOWING is scarier than TELLING!! So get out there and start scaring!

Side effects may include character mutilation, insanity, freezing, fleeing, melting, being torn limb from limb, uncontrollable screaming, disembowling, psychotic episodes, catatonia or pant-wetting.

Some artwork copyright Octavirate Entertainment, used with permission.

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