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Gatecrasher: Santa's Secret

Gatecrasher: Santa's Secret

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How does Santa Know Who's been Good or Bad?
Santa's Secret Service, of course!

It all started in 2194, when a space prospector discovered a centuries-old magical Gate on Jupiter's moon Ganymede. His investigation activated the Gate, allowing magical energy to flood back into the universe. Children spontaneously mutated into elves, dwarves, cherubs, lycanthropes, and even weirder things. A transformed alligator became the mother of all dragons (after stomping about in Tokyo for a while). Wherever Magic pooled, Technology failed. The beliefs and fears of living creatures shaped magical energy into reality, leading to a proliferation of bugaboos and the sudden appearance of creatures and places that once resided only in myths, legends, and fairy tales.

One of these fairy-tales-come-true was Santa Claus. Jolly Saint Nick, Mrs. Claus, and a legion of elves set up shop at the North Pole, making toys and breeding flying reindeer. They lived happily in their fairy-tale castle, venturing out only once each year, to deliver toys to all the good boys and girls all over the solar system.

Then, a century and a half later, disaster befell the jolly old elf and his friends...

Can you rescue Santa before Santa's Secret Service destroys the spirit of Christmas?

Welcome to Santa's Secret, a Gatecrasher! Adventure with "All the Rules You Need to Know!" for 3-7 characters (5 ready-made adventurers provided)
Designed with the FUDGE and Gatecrasher (2nd Edition) rule systems; all essential rules included!
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March 8th, 2010
An incredibly fun and silly adventure for the inner kid. [...]
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