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Mineral Magic: Volume One
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Mineral Magic: Volume One

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With a deep breath, Gwendolyn positioned the chisel. With a small TAP of the hammer the final piece of the peridot fell away. To the untrained eye nothing about the gem had changed, but she could tell that she had succeeded. This was her most difficult work to date, but she knew that this peridot gemstone was now ready; it had become a dragon bone, ready to call forth a juvenile red dragon from the natural magic of the gem that she had just harnessed.

Gems should be more than just pretty baubles! Now they are! No more will gems become quick sources of cash, pawned off at the first opportunity. Harness the hidden secrets of the natural magic within gems and minerals and provide your players with magic items that are not only functional, but look great too!

Mineral Magic: Volume One is a short book for use with the Open Gaming License, Version 1.0a, System Reference Document. Within you will find 31 new magic items, which can be made from 25 commonly found gems and minerals, including the Five Quartz Spheres and the Four Quartz Skulls.

Mineral Magic: Volume One contains descriptions of all 31 new items along with the necessary rules for creating and selling them to your players. Also included are 2 new feats that will allow your players to harness their own magical minerals.

Tangent Games presents:
The Campaign Detailer Series

The Campaign Detailer Series is a series of bargain-priced products designed to help liven up your game by providing you with new and detailed crunchy bits along with new ideas that enhance existing facets of your gaming experience.
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January 1st, 2006
A handy book for adding detail to gameplay. I liked being able to provide options for players when they come into possession of gems and minerals. Instead of always selling stones, they have come up with some useful magic items made from found gems and [...]
May 8th, 2005
Since the book was so inexpensive, it was a "what the heck" purchase. It turned out to be money well spent. I liked the full color layout. The authors show they know a little something about gems and geology, and their ideas on how to use [...]
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