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SKIRMISH TILES, fiendish grounds

SKIRMISH TILES, fiendish grounds

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The SKIRMISH TILES are 8x5 inches tiles that are suitable for any miniature-based skirmish game.

SKIRMISH TILES, fiendish grounds contains many tiles of "fiendish" inspiration: lava grounds, ice caves with frozen demons, iron fortresses, bloody rivers, pillars of bones and much more. The tiles are fully compatible with SKIRMISH TILES, dungeon rooms set 1.

Each tile shows a superb rendered plain view of a dungeon room or an area without the loss of space due the perspective view. With these tiles you can easily build a battlefield for your miniature game, even printing each one more than once.

The product contains 30 tiles with a black and white, ink saving version of each one, plus three pre-assembled layouts.

The tiles you get

33- Iron Gate
34- Iron Wall
35- Iron Tower Left
36- Iron Tower Right
37- Artifact
38- Lightning Hallway
39- Blood Pond
40- Blood Stream
41- Frozen Nest
42- Frozen Demon
43- Ice Pond
44- Ice Ruins01
45- Ice Ruins02
46- Ice chasm
47- Ice Waste
48- Gate
49- Dread bog
50- Demon's throne
51- Ribcage
52- Lava Pit
53- Lava Spots
54- Skulls' Ground
55- Pillar of Bones
56- Cage
57- Cave of Fire "I"
58- Cave of Fire "L left"
59- Cave of Fire "L right"
60- Cave of Fire "T"
61- Cave of Fire "X"
62- Fire Dragon Aura

"I know of three really good cartographers in the d20 world, three sure-fire award nominees. There's Ed Bourelle, who often appears of Mystic Eye Games products, Brian K. Moseley of Darkfuries who appears on this Mystic Eye Games product and the artists of 0one ." Gamewyrd

"These are really fabulous maps, by far the best in the d20 business." ENworld

"These maps are simply gorgeous" D20 Magazine Rack

"We are now beginning to see truly innovative uses of computer technology within role-playing product, but this one stands head and shoulders above the rest for being both technologically advanced and genuinely useful!" (Customizable Battlemaps) RPG Resource

"Overall this is a product [Customizable Battlemaps] in a new realm and in a class of its own. That is for now. In the heated tile product niche market Øone Games just took a huge lead and other companies are going to have to get really creative to outshine them." Silven Crossroads

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Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
May 5th, 2009
Short of ideas for nasty places for your players to end up? Fancy a fight in a lava pool or around a pillar of skulls? Here is a fine array of 'skirmish tiles' to build a series of interesting (in the Chinese sense) places that can serve as the setting [...]
February 24th, 2005
Great stuff, very helpful on the combat tactical display<br><br><b>LIKED</b>: Quality work<br><br><b>QUALITY</b>: Very Good<br><br><b>VALUE</b>: Satisfied<br> [...]
August 12th, 2004
Interesting set, bought it on a whim and may purchase more in this line. The artwork is very nice (if a bit to dark) and an iinteresting selection of tiles. Great job! [...]
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