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AOTA-TTF - Draconic Font

AOTA-TTF - Draconic Font

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Artifacts of the Arcane Font.

Free 10 image 800 x 600 screensaver with 2minute loop of MP3 "Wings of the Wind" & Desktop background ~ comes with it!
The New Draconic TTF Font contains 80 symbols to be used as a Draconic language or as magical sigil type symbols, or whatever you need. Use them standard or 3D (with the right program). You'll find endless uses for this font as its enigmatic design tranlates to feeling of the ancient Dragons. Now for both PC and Mac.
Ever needed to replicate a runes or magical symbols consistantly in your game or perhaps for your publication?
Well thats what this series is all about.The below is an example from various 3D text and Flash programs that utilize True Type Fonts to create exotic script for web and print.

Artifacts of the Arcane has extended its Publishers series to include unique esoteric mystery of ancient script. All script, icons and embellishments of these mythic races are fantasy and not based in any language or existing or past race of known beings.
The use of this font is designed for publishers to put in map, item and text illustrations. It may be used in PDFs (embedded). This is designated purely as a ?Decorative? font. Full publishing rights are included but does not include re-selling of this font separately or in a collection nor to include in a font generating program.. This particular font took about a month to create to get it exactly the way I wanted. I currently have 5 others in the works.

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April 24th, 2009
This attractive font can add plenty of cool draconic flavor to your handouts. Please note that this font predated and has no relation to the draconic script presented in the 4e "Draconomicon," so if you're looking to reproduce that script, do [...]
July 8th, 2005
The fonts themselves are great. However, I am disappointed that I am unable to use these fonts as others I have purchased. The licensing of this font is such that you are NOT able to embed them in PDF files even though the included documentation clea [...]
June 17th, 2004
This was good- I use it all the time. The screensaver has some interesting pictures, but the sound effects creeped out my housemates. [...]
May 22nd, 2004
Excellent font! well worth the money. I use it for players hand-outs and puzzles. [...]
March 2nd, 2004
The product claims to have 80 characters in this font set, but I can only manage to see 79 of them. Not a big problem, mind you, as 79 characters are surely more than enough. The draconic font fits its title perfectly, in my opinion. The charact [...]
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