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A Cast of Thousands

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"A Cast of Thousands is easily the most valuable thing I have for Arrowflight besides the rulebook" - Achim Leidig

A Cast of Thousands is the indispensable product for Arrowflight gamesmaster and player alike! A Cast of Thousands is an NPC resource tool containing ready made characters around which exciting adventures can be built, dozens of stat blocks for everyday folk encountered during an adventure as well as new rules for use for characters of all types!

Although designed for use with Arrowflight, A Cast of Thousands can easily be converted for use in any fantasy campaign.

A Cast of Thousands contains:

  • Thirty unique characters complete with detailed background, personality and plot hooks to help out a gamesmaster looking for some inspiration - including the bandit queen Roselynn Blackhood, the fearsome Exhortiad fanatic Master Greymantle and brave warrior-poet Acacius Alexius.
  • Fourteen new occupation templates to speed up character creation - including the Bounty Hunter, the Knight Errant and the Scholastic Mage.
  • Over thirty-five everyday NPCs, only briefly described but comprehensively statted, for use at the drop of a hat.
  • A host of new rules, including new spells such as Divine Power and Protective Skin, rules for masterworked and heirloom weaponry and a new ranged combat style, the Way of the Bow.
  • A selection of GM tools such as NPC sheets and wound trackers for your many baddies.
  • 88 pages of pure content for your games.
  • Lavishly illustrated by Arrowflight artist, Steven Hartley.

"All of the NPCs in here are top notch and you can design entire adventures around them that are bound to be memorable. This is easily worth the small price in the amount of frustration that it saves alone!" - James Stubbs

"A Cast of Thousands is a MUST HAVE! If you buy one supplement for Arrowflight it's this one!" - Jeremy Smith

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July 17th, 2004
WOW! This is a great item, great group of NPCs and the additional career templates are a real help for new players. Excellent Resource! [...]
January 22nd, 2004
A Cast of Thousands ia a important and useful Arrowflight sourcebook for NPC's [...]
December 29th, 2003
This is an absolutely wonderful item for any Arrowflight GM who gets the dreaded "adventure block" in which they can't think up anything and need some inspiration for their session. All of the NPCs in here are top notch and you can de [...]
December 4th, 2003
A cast of Thousands is a MUST HAVE! If you buy one supplement for Arrowflight it's this one! Well written great illustrations WONDERFUL art this book is well rounded and completes COMPLETE with tons of NPC's and story hooks. The cover by the standar [...]