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Ultimate Divine Spellbook
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Ultimate Divine Spellbook

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From the ministering priest who closes grievous wounds with the power of faith alone, to a feral druid summoning the very trees to waylay his tormentors, divine magic is more than simple tricks and flashy spellslinging. Divinity permeates every aspect of fantasy campaigns and magic is how it expresses itself in the most miraculous and mysterious ways. It is a connection to an older, greater essence that sponsors and supports its supplicants. Divine spellcasters are far more than lack-lustre mages; they are the walking manifestation of their moral beliefs and ethical stance, acting as beacons in the darkness to those who need faith – or as the most heinous, bigoted oppressors of the weak.

The Ultimate Divine Spellbook has been developed to aid both players and Games Masters alike as they venture into a wider and more magical world. Presented herein are a wealth of spells and information specifically designed for spiritual spellcasters, be they heroes or villains.

This resource is prefaced by full and updated spell lists for all the main divine spellcasting classes (clerics, druids, paladins, rangers, blackguards and adepts), as well as comprehensive cleric domain spell lists for ease of reference. With the main spell descriptions presented alphabetically, the Ultimate Divine Spellbook is a tome of knowledge no gamer’s table should be without.

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August 21st, 2009
Great book. Many of the spells are very creative and explore options undreamed of in other sources. I see only two minor drawbacks: this download needs to be bookmarked for faster reference, and there are no descriptions with the spell lists (maybe a [...]
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