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Havens of the Damned
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Havens of the Damned

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Where the Undead Stay


Almost every Kindred has a haven, and those who dont are a sorry lot indeed. From a princes sprawling estate to the steam-tunnel nest of a Nosferatu, havens say much about their owners. This collection of unique havens looks at the specific needs of the Kindred who maintain them and gives advice for how to incorporate them into a story.

Dwellings of the Kindred

The purpose of Havens of the Damned is to encourage players and Storytellers to view havens as something more than simply where the Kindred rest during the daylight hours. A folio of interesting havens, this book introduces the perfect way to introduce new story hooks to any chronicle.

U.S. Page Count: 96, Authors: Jess Heinig, Shannon Hennessy, Lucien Soulban, et. al., Developer: Justin Achilli, Artists: Jim Nelson

Note: The Black & White print editions of this book are not full-bleed. Because of printing requirements there is a small white border around the edge of the pages.

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September 19th, 2013
Where the vampires dwell and who decides where to live is unveiled nicely in this volume. From the mystic, Gothic houses to the most urban of settings, Havens of the Damned adorably details what places Vampires chose to call home. Each one is given its [...]
June 4th, 2012
Useful resource for creating havens in either Masquerade or Requiem, however, would have preferred more crunch than fluff. The sample havens, while handy, could have allowed for a more tool box approach. [...]
December 14th, 2009
This book was different then i had thought. I believed it to be more on constructing havens then prem made characters with havens. however it did change the way in which i now look to a building and allows you to create a territorial character easily. [...]
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