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Aberrant: Church of Michael Archangel
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Aberrant: Church of Michael Archangel

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Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

In their own minds, the members of The Church of Michael Archangel are heroes and martyrs. While the media surrounding them is tempted, deceived and misguided, and the masses are lured toward oblivion, the Michaelites stand firm against the nova menace and wield their faith like a sword.

Thou shalt not worship the idols set before thee by the media.

The Church of Michael Archangel hates and resents novas, claiming that they detract from the glory of God and eclipse the good deeds of baselines. How do they survive in a world where novas are the center of a media phenomenon? How do they spread their message? What tactics do they use to combat the "nova plague" they see beguiling the eyes of the masses? This book takes a look at the movement, its leaders, and its secret weapon, and allows you to include the Michaelites in your own Aberrant series.

Hidden Lore

Release: Originally published October 16, 2000. Unusual for an Aberrant product, few dates if any are described. This makes it suitable for use at any point, although purists may wish to attempt to definitively place it somewhere on the timeline. Given the release of Worldwide: Phase II two weeks prior, a date of 2015 is probably most appropriate.

Cover: The cover appears to be made of ancient weathered paper of some sort, featuring an illustration of relgious iconography. God is holding a book — presumably the Bible — and its holy rays are burning all the novas who stand before him. Reginald Thomasson is credited for the cover with Jeff Holt. It's not mentiond who did what portions, but this appears to be Thomasson's sole work for White Wolf.

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October 30th, 2011
This is 24 pages of purely in-world description. There is no stats for anything and everything is written as if it was a reprint of in-world material. It's an interesting mix that could be useful in game. My biggest complaint is that it's oddly sympath [...]
September 20th, 2007
An excellent view on the fanatical position of religions within the game of Aberrant. Shows what could happen if the game was real. An excellent resource for both players and Storytellers alike. [...]
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