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Trinity d20
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Trinity d20

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Epic Science Fiction

In the 22nd century, humanity has ventured to the stars. Yet alien races, fractious colonies, contending governments and aberrant mutations all vie for supremacy amid the wonders of this new age. At the center of the conflict stands a new breed of humans — men and women with psychic powers — whose actions will determine humanity’s ultimate fate.

A Universe of Adventure

Trinity is a game of epic science fiction. This campaign setting is fully compatible with the d20 System, with source material on a universe where aliens and the powers of the mind are real — plus new classes, feats and powers so that you can take on the role of a courageous space explorer or a psychic-powered psion.

Sword & Sorcery books are published under the Open Game License and are 100% compatible with v.3.5 rules and the d20 System.

This is the core rulebook for playing Trinity, the final part of the larger Trinity Universe setting. In this book, you play psions, each from a different Psi Order. Sixty years ago, the formerly-human mutated Aberrants, with powers to reshape the world around them, were exiled from Earth following a devastating war... but now they want it back. The Æon Trinity unifies the disparate Psi Orders to drive the Aberrants away for good.

Hidden Lore

Releases: Released October 18, 2004, Trinity d20 is the final game in the Trinity Universe d20 series, and the final game published using the world's two most popular RPG dice systems. Differences between this printing and the Storyteller edition are moderate. Unlike the Storyteller edition, this book is set after the return of the Upeo wa Macho (the teleporters), and therefore are presented alongside the other Psi Orders as a playable group. Additionally, most references to the word "psionic," including in organizations' names (like the original Ministry of Psionic Affairs) has been replaced with the word "noetic." Finally, some locations are given more accurate names, such as Nippon becoming Nihon.

The Cover: Chris Moeller provides the cover for this printing, featuring several key elements of the setting and backstory. This includes an inhuman Aberrant (possibly The Colony), a Leviathan jump-ship, a psychokinetic weilding ice-based cryokinetic and fire-based pyrokinetic powers, an ISRAn firing a laser weapon, and the crashing Esperanza space station.

Art: The internal art takes an interesting, and perhaps novel approach: much of the art was presented in-universe, with named artists or other creators: William O'Connor's art was labelled as being by "Akira Van Woc," Leif Jones' works were presented as being created by fashionista "Kostbaar," and so on.

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