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V20 Rites of the Blood
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V20 Rites of the Blood

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In the deepest crimson depths of their being, raw power waits to be brought to the surface. Through their force of will, Kindred can drag this power kicking and screaming into the open to perform miraculous feats and twisted blasphemies. These rituals have been developed to direct and focus this new force, unconstrained by the structure of the known Disciplines. As such, only one word has been seen fit to describe this power that has echoed throughout the ages. Magic.

Rites of the Blood is a collection of rituals practiced among the various Kindred sects and Clans. This isn’t just a collection of powers, but an examination of the sects themselves and how they use their eldritch mystical arts: the Thaumaturgy of the Camarilla Tremere, the bloody rites and patchwork sorcery of the Sabbat, the creepy and alien practices of the Tal’Mahe’Ra, “street” rituals from the Anarch contingent, the sorceries of the Assamites and Setites, the necromancy of the Giovanni, and even some of the mysterious ways of the Inconnu.

This book includes:

  • A look at how the various Kindred factions view and utilize blood sorcery in the modern nights.
  • A number of new rituals, Sabbat rites, and other powers for the various blood sorceries of the Kindred.
  • Revising and updating more classic Vampire: The Masquerade blood sorcery material to V20.

Note on the Print Editions: Standard Color uses a thinner paper stock than Premium Color, basically the same paper as the Black & White books. This usually means the colors are less vivid, but it also means the price drops a bit per page in the production process. Examples of pages: Premium Color vs. Standard Color.

Hunters Hunted II

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Customer avatar
B N M August 07, 2014 5:31 pm UTC
Quite good, but missing a great deal of core mechanical information that would have made it more useful - there is no discussion of path availability within blood sorcery traditions, for example, which would make Setites viable and intelligible as thaumaturges. A bit of a missed opportunity, but solid at what it does do.
Customer avatar
Darryl J October 11, 2014 8:03 pm UTC
You want the revised edition books and to a lesser extent Blood sacrifice examines the sorcery traditions outside of the Tremere and Blood Magic touches on those issues. The mechanics between revised and 20th are very similar, making compatibility only a minor issue at most.
Customer avatar
Rodrigo C July 10, 2014 4:43 am UTC
Great book!
Customer avatar
Darryl J July 09, 2014 10:41 pm UTC
Wow, this is great! I was expecting a kickstarter, but this is excellent. $17 for a pdf is a little high, but damn I really been wanting this book.
Customer avatar
Alessandro Vassili H July 09, 2014 11:35 pm UTC
If you're a V:tM enthusiast, you will enjoy this volume a lot! I suggest you save some money to get it, it's packed with cool info and a huge variety of rituals (it's 170 pages long!). Maybe wait for the printed version?
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