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Shadowrun: Runner Havens
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Shadowrun: Runner Havens

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"Crossroads of Crime"

Runner Havens -- the first core setting book for Shadowrun, Fourth Edition -- introduces the players to two of the world's premier shadowrunner sprawls: Seattle and Hong Kong. Each city is described in detail from a shadowrunner's point of view, covering key topics such as the balance of power, corporate and underworld affairs, places to see, strange magics, and key features of interest. A wealth of plot hooks are also included. Four other runner-favored cities -- Cape Town, Caracas, Hamburg, and Istanbul -- are also covered, and gamemaster advice is provided for transforming any specific urban locale into a shadow haven.

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October 25th, 2008
Excellent sourcebook for Shadowrun on cities considered havens for Shadowrunners or rich in Shadowrunning. I espeically liked the part on Hong Kong. A rockin place especially the walled city. [...]
October 16th, 2007
A good overtview of Shadowrunner locales. A bit skimpier than I would have liked, but then again they are going over areas that have already been discussed in three previous editions. [...]
March 31st, 2007
Nice to have some flavor and setting. If your new to SR and wondered where the setting information was in the 4th edition book, this is it. By itself it is a bit lacking, It would have been nice to have at least Seatle detailed some on the core book. [...]
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