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Expanded Occupations: Sumotori
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Expanded Occupations: Sumotori


Sumo wrestlers are defined by their contradiction. They are living mountains, but move with a speed and grace that belies their sheer bulk. They are brawlers and wrestlers without equal, but they also study calligraphy and religion. They are celebrities throughout modern Japan, but are a throwback to thousand year old traditions. Heroic Sumotori might be the quintessential ‘gentle giant’, while villains may be strutting, arrogant bullies, but all Sumotori are cultured, refined, and in their own way, elegant.

Expanded Occupations: Sumotori transforms the setting neutral Athlete starting occupation into the massive, powerful and iconic Sumo Wrestler. A new selection of starting talents and other rules elements help capture the Sumo’s signature brand of marital arts. With their enormous size, heroic strength and instantly recognizable physique, Sumotori make memorable, spectacular heroes or imposing villains. The new material in this micro-sourcebook is designed for use with Black Tokyo, but can be used in any Otherverse Games campaign world, or even imported to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game to provide intriguing new options for Fighters or Monks.


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