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Arena Tiles

Arena Tiles

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Arena Tiles

DramaScape Tiles Volume 02

 Game Masters need quality maps for their miniatures. DramaScape™ is committed to bringing Game Masters the maps they need.

Two gladiators fight to the death versus a dragon for the entertainment of rows of spectators watching the events in the arena below roaring with every blow that draws blood and every concealed trap that catches them offguard.

The nobles look on from their front row seats with their faces conveying mild interest in the fight. In the back of the coliseum, the merchants scream about their wares over the crowd noise selling everything from souvenirs to ale and hot food.

The Arena Floorplan Tiles is a set of tiles that can are used to create a square arena. This product is an expansion of our Floorplan Tiles and is compatible with that product, allowing you to use the tiles interchangeably.

This product stands alone to create a full arena with a combat area that you can populate with trap and gladiator character tiles as well as spectator character tiles to fill out the arena stands with a huge crowd.

The arena is a classic trope of fantasy.  A gladiator fights for his life, for freedom, for coin, going up against other men trying to survive to fight another day in the arena, traps, and even monsters.

The Player Characters might become involved as spectators watching the battles. Perhaps they are there to talk to an important noble for a social encounter with a violent sport as the backdrop.

Maybe the Player Characters are watching the fights with vested interest, by gambling money trying to predict who will win, or who will lose. Maybe the Player Characters start the campaign as gladiators fighting to live, planning to escape their fates.

Or they decide to fight in the arena for money as mercenaries, but get more than they bargained for. Or maybe the characters have been captured by their nemesis, and he forces them to fight gladiators and monsters while dodging traps, trying to kill them in a way that will entertain him.

How will the Player Characters survive and escape the arena?

Compatable with our Basic Floortile Set

Arena Sample

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February 15th, 2013
What a beautiful map! This map features wonderful hand-drawn artwork, while still keeping its very real feel to it. I love the fact that this not only has a fantastic concept behind it, but it is also MODULAR! You can change it, and make it yo [...]
Chris H. [Regelmässiger Rezensent]
July 27th, 2012
A large (14 x 32 squares) arena surrounded by bleachers (including box seats and space for concessionaires to ply their trades) awaits your fantasy RPG miniatures in this product. The tiles are not modular; you can really only build one layout. The pro [...]
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