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Junction Room

Junction Room

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Junction Room360

DramaScape Free Volume 02

This map product is a full-color, 32 x 20 inch, Junction Room.The ZIP file includes VTT images for your online gaming needs.

Now includes a 360° View of the map.

 Game Masters need quality maps for their miniatures. DramaScape™ is committed to bringing Game Masters the maps they need.

This versatile map can be used in a wide variety of science fiction settings. It can be used as the main area of a multitude of science fiction settings from a space ship to a mad scientist’s laboratory. This map is a series of doors and corridors that lead to a power room and archways that lead to a larger core chamber.

The junction room represents a key area the Player Characters must explore to complete their mission. Is their objective the main reactor of a space ship or an industrial complex?

The Player Characters might be hired to sabotage the main reactor of a ship or industrial complex and must get through various guards and automated defenses to reach their goal. Or power is down and life support fading in the ship and they have to make a desperate dash through the ship and get to the core reactor room and get power back online, finding out what kind of monsters took down the power in the first place and fighting them for their lives.

Is there a mad scientist who has been conducting nefarious experiments?  The Player Characters have been hired to stop the mad scientist’s experiments permanently, fighting through his horrific creations to get to him. Is this a prison for a powerful being put on ice? 

The Player Characters are hired to break into a prison and perform a jailbreak. Whatever type of adventure you choose, you’ll find the junction room to be a stylish centerpiece for the main conflict of your science fiction adventure.

You can either print it out with our easy to print instructions or use in any VTT software.


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March 4th, 2014
Evocative and reusable. I used it with success for Marvel Heroic's Breakout intro and Eclipse Phase in an abandoned ship I've also reused the final corridors to extend. A very versatile and detailed map (apologies to my workplace for all the colour [...]
March 13th, 2013
Seriously flexible for your sci-fi or super hero rpg. I used this to form an entire rectangular set of hallways for the Marvel Heroic Breakout scenario on The Raft. Just said jutting out sections were prisons. The end pieces shaped like Y were eleva [...]
February 22nd, 2013
Nice image, good detail. Still generic enough to use with just about any high-ish tech setting. [...]
February 22nd, 2013
I liked it, I pulled this up on a search of maps and tilesets. This is set to a 1" square interior of a spaceship, sci-fi sewer or other sci-fi technical looking corridor. I think I will find it useful in some of my sci-fi adventures. I think the [...]
December 23rd, 2012
This seems like a nice product and I would have loved to use it. But my primary interest in it was to print it out and paste it onto the deckplan of a PC Party Ship that I'm creating, as "floor junk" in the engineering areas. However, my de [...]
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