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Cog Cruiser:The Steam Ram
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Cog Cruiser:The Steam Ram


"The British Isles finally has a counter to the hideous creation of that upstart Professor Schturm.  It's cannons will shatter the Schturm Towers and it's machine guns will scatter any army that dares to face it. Gentlemen, I give you the Steam Ram!"

(excerpt from Lord Hamilton's victory speech to his investors)

Lord Hamilton's Steam Ram is the second in the Mayhem in Paper line of Cog Cruisers for use in your games of Steampunk and Fantasy global domination. There are both a multi-layered and a single-layered version of the model, that include four color schemes, three different weapons, optional turrets to add on and a choice between a wheeled or a tracked version.

Steam Ram preview

Optional add-ons

The models dimensions are 3.5 inches wide, 4 inches long, and 2.5 inches high. 15mm scale version also included.

Joyfully designed and crafted by Eric Brown (squirmydad).

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October 17th, 2014
The Cog Cruiser is a very pleasant and easy model to build. I built one in less than an hour and many different models can be done with this paper model. [...]
December 11th, 2012
I really enjoyed building two of the Steam Rams and I can see a 3rd and maybe 4th in my future in a different configuration Not sure its mentioned on the description but if you own a craftrobo/silhouete/cameo you can slip over to the Mayhem in P [...]
May 29th, 2012
I particularly like the number of options: colors, wheels, treads, cannon, guns, driver's port, etc. [...]
May 7th, 2012
This is a very nice looking and not too difficult model to assemble. I know it's designed for Steam Punk, but I'm going to use it for SciFi for those lower tech units that can't afford the Highest tech vehicles. Although it comes in 4 colors, I have a [...]
May 2nd, 2012
Not only does Mayhem in Paper come out swinging on this one, but they aim for the fences! This follow-up to the popular Steam Tower, has a commanding presence on the battlefield, and has more options than imaginable. There are, of course, color options [...]
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