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Superpowered Dossier: Cerberus

Superpowered Dossier: Cerberus

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Escaping the Underworld was no small feat - it destroyed Pompeii, after all.  Cerberus was once a human, found and molded into the mythical three-headed-hound by Hades himself.  When a mysterious figure came and split the hounds into three, Cerberus found himself alone on the mortal plane.  Wandering the world now for centuries, Cerberus has a special connection humanity, vowing to protect it like he once vigilantly protected the gates of Hades.  He lives in Justice City now, doing what he can to dole out justice to all he can - really at any cost.  Cerberus is a little slow at times, but he's fiercely loyal, like any good dog would be.  He helped form the Justice City Irregulars and now has found himself one of the most popular heroes in the city!

Cerberus is a PL 11 Scrapper and a member of the Justice City Irregulars.

Updated and expanded, now with the support of Lone Wolf Development's Hero Lab software, Gamer's Haven Publishing is proud to begin releasing Superpowered Dossiers.  These Dossiers will completely detail a superhero or supervillain for use in the Superpowered universe, or for use in your personal Mutants & Masterminds setting. Some of these characters can be found on the Justice City United Podcast at

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This product includes the Hero Lab portfolio file so you can easily adjust and modify the hero or villain to meet your campaign needs!

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