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Warlords of the Accordlands [BUNDLE]

Warlords of the Accordlands [BUNDLE]

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Warlords of the Accordlands: Monsters and Lairs
Regular price: $8.95
Bundle price: $6.00

"The tunnel's clear!" - Jonah the BurglarMonsters & Lairs for Warlords of the Accordlands Role-Playing Game provides all the stats and information you need on every single monster from the Warlord CCG, and also includes brand-new beasts. Also featured are rules for playing monsters as PCs, and a huge appendix of monster stats that have been leveled to various Challenge Ratings with various classes for on-the-fly use. Some monster entries are accompanied by complete lairs that may be used as mini-adventure.


Over 100 new entries! Lairs for the most common monsters. Special rules for playing monsters as characters. Reference section for on-the-fly use, providing various monsters at various Challenge Ratings. ...

Warlords of the Accordlands: The Campaign Adventure Book
Regular price: $9.95
Bundle price: $6.00

25 interlocking adventures using our ground-breaking Adventure Path!

The Campaign Adventure Book for the Warlords of the Accordlands Role-Playing Game provides 25 complete adventures - use them as stand-alone quests or a complete campaign! As PCs complete adventures, they can choose their path as hints, clues, and rumors guide them through their own unique experience. In the Accordlands the player characters are the center of attention and the saviors of the world!


A unique campaign experience for each party. All information at the DM's finger tips - complete stats for NPCs and monsters. New nemesis rules, which allow player to develop rivals within the story as the campaign advances. ...

Warlords of the Accordlands: The Master Codex
Regular price: $9.95
Bundle price: $6.00

"You cannot win a war through ignorance." - Sir Robert the VigilantThe Master Codex for the Accordlands Role-Playing Game details all of the information that players need to begin adventuring in the world of Warlord: Saga of the Storm. Classic races and classes are reevaluated and redesigned to make the Accordlands Role-Playing Game a unique role playing experience. New mechanics are presented alongside old mechanics for easy reference. This is the only book a player needs!

18 new Character Classes for use in the Accordlands or any other fantasy setting. Over 50 new Prestige Classes, giving characters a unique role within the Accordlands. Over 100 pages of Spells, old and new, for easy reference. New Equipment and Items for characters: from poisons, to traps, to tatt...

Warlords of the Accordlands: The World Atlas
Regular price: $9.95
Bundle price: $6.00

An ancient accord is broken…Centuries ago, the races of Larnisar banded together to defeat their creator, the Great Dragon, who sought to unmake his creation in a furious, continent-spanning storm of bitter destruction. Victorious, or so they thought, the races of the Accord grew soft and fell back into their familiar ways, political strife and territorial conquests sweeping across the land.Today, the Accordlands is home to lurking mystery and wonders beyond time. In the Deverenian Empire, dark nobles conspire to bring all under their tyrannical rule, enforcing worship of the very soul of the Great Dragon: the Storm. In the haunted forests, the necromantic Elves are doomed to tragically short lives, all too soon drifting away as dust in the wind. Baraxton is home to what was once...

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