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Putting the Punk into SteamPunk!

In the spirit of Gibson and Sterling's The Difference EngineSteamCraft takes you to an alternate, dystopian world where gears, goggles, and airships dominate life. The Industrial Age is joined by an early Information Age, combining into a gritty world where corporations use technological advances to amass hordes of wealth and power at the expense of the working class.  Meanwhile, technomages' ability to create by mixing magic with machine lurches ahead of their wisdom to control their creations and where scientific exploration is best done in coal powered airships venturing beyond the charted world maps.

It is a time when society threatens to plunge into either a dystopian future controlled by corporations and authoritarian governments, or one where heroic individuals manipulate information and technology to bring about a better future.  Intrigue, insidious evil, and the opportunity for both unlimited power, and unlimited beneficence await those that would explore this world.  The clever and the bold will shape that which it is to become.

With a Fantasy Edge

Just as Shadowrun mixes cyberpunk and fantasy, SteamCraft mixes steampunk and fantasy. The scientific wonders of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells mix with fantasy elements like dwarves and elves. The result is a world filled with ancient horrors as well as man-made beasts such as Clockwork Beholders.

Clockwork Beholder

No History Degree Required to Play

SteamCraft is set on an Earth based world, but one that is not Earth.  This allows you more freedom to play without worrying about getting historical setting details always just right.

The setting is focused on a “New-World” where colonies have become independent and are now gaining power and influence.  A wild frontier,  filled with ancient tombs and other curiosities  begs to be explored. Steampunk (not Victorian) attire required of course.

Easy to Learn Game System

SteamCraft is a complete core rulebook. It uses a d100/percentile system that is simple and intuitive to understand and easily modifiable to fit your game’s needs. 

Characters are skill-based enabling players to create and customize their team roles and individualize their characters as they prefer. 

Archetypes are provided to aid in character creation and inspire players on the types of characters fitted to the genre.

The SteamCraft core rulebook also includes rules for airship creation and combat and item creation and invention.

SteamCraft is a fully bookmarked PDF for easier use. 

Check out the preview (click the link below the title image above) for a closer look!

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July 18th, 2012
I'm a fan! The world isn't your average Steam Punk world. It has a good amount of fantasy (this means I can con my group into playing it). The dice system is intuitive, it's percentile so... it's easy to start playing and understanding. The world is [...]
Kyle W. [Regelmässiger Rezensent]
July 13th, 2012
SteamCraft is a wonderful game for its purpose, though it is not entirely without its flaws. It manages to create a great framework for adventures. The rules are relatively simple and easy to grasp, plus they're not so incredibly boring or predi [...]
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