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The Tome of Advanced Specialist Mages

The Tome of Advanced Specialist Mages

Brought to you by the wizard known as Khayd'haik in the Tunnels and Trolls community, this T&T supplement provides optional rules for specialist kremm-bending characters for the 7.5 edition of T&T. Some of these specialist character types are suitable for use as player characters in GM-moderated games, some are suitable for use in solo games, and all of them are suitable for use as...   [Klicke hier für weiteres]
Eposic  $2.99

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Search and Ye May Find

Search and Ye May Find

What will you find? Treasure awaits you in this first Trollhalla-friendly mini-solo from Eposic. It is better to be lucky than good in this adventure, which could significantly beef up even the weakest character, or be the downfall of even the strongest. Intended for use with either the 5.x or 7.x Tunnels and Trolls rules. All kindreds and character types allowed, as well as missile weapons and combat...   [Klicke hier für weiteres]
Eposic  $1.50

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