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Printable Pawns:  Alien Soldiers

Printable Pawns: Alien Soldiers

The galaxy is a big place. There are thousands of worlds floating freely through the void, hosting hundreds of alien civilizations. Some of these are inherently good, while others are unquestionably evil, and some are downright inscrutable. These warriors could be mercenaries, raiders, or bandits. They might be the keepers of superior technology, the...   [click here for more]
Fantanomicon Press  $1.99

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Printable Pawns:  Basic Dungeoneers

Printable Pawns: Basic Dungeoneers

Going after the Goblin King? Planning a pre-emptive strike against the Orc Clans? Searching for the Dragon's Treasure? Then you need Basic Dungeoneers! These classic heroes are ready to venture to the Deepest Depths of the Dungeon in search of fame, fortune, and glory! This set contains a male and female character for each of the classic character classes: Cleric, Dwarf, Elf, Fighter, Halfling,...   [click here for more]
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Printable Pawns:  Dungeon Vermin

Printable Pawns: Dungeon Vermin

A “Dungeon” can be defined as any location the players visit in search of adventure. Typical dungeons include ruined castles, sprawling cave systems, and vast subterranean complexes. While generally shunned by the player’s home civilization, these locations are rarely abandoned. These places are often the headquarters of some evil humanoid forces, or the den of wild animals. ...   [click here for more]
Fantanomicon Press  $1.99 $1.79

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Printable Pawns:  Fantasy Zombies

Printable Pawns: Fantasy Zombies

            Does a Necromancer require bodyguards of unwavering loyalty?  Does a Death Priest need unstoppable soldiers to further the plots of his Evil Deity?  When the Cursed Artifact was destroyed, did its foul power seep into the local graveyard?            Zombies.  Created from the empty husks of the once-living, they have no souls.  They have...   [click here for more]
Fantanomicon Press  $3.99

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Printable Pawns:  Goblin Raiders

Printable Pawns: Goblin Raiders

Does an ambitious Goblin King desire to expand his territory?  Does the Evil Wizard need some easily-bullied minions to do his dirty work?  Does the Orc Warlord need some expendable front-line forces?            Goblins are often one of the first monsters encountered by players.   From bloody battlefields, to misty mountains; from sinister swamps, to deep dungeons—they...   [click here for more]
Fantanomicon Press  $3.99

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Printable Pawns:  Jungle Natives

Printable Pawns: Jungle Natives

Do your explorers need some locals to guide the safari? Or perhaps a band of hunters are stalking them for trespassing across sacred tribal lands? Perhaps you need the descendants of a lost civilization, swallowed by the jungle and forgotten to the world? Natives. They could both help or hinder a party of players. They could be allies of the Lord of the Apes,...   [click here for more]
Fantanomicon Press  $1.99

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Printable Pawns:  Mutant Animals

Printable Pawns: Mutant Animals

The ruined cities and desolate wastelands of the post-apocalyptic future play host to innumerable dangers. Bandits and raiders lay in wait to rob and kill passersby. Mad mutants and radioactive zombies lurk among the ruins and wastes. But not all dangers come in the shape of Man. Radiation fields ravage the bodies of the unwary souls unfortunate enough to wander in. The fallout has also...   [click here for more]
Fantanomicon Press  $1.99

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Printable Pawns:  Pig Faced Orcs

Printable Pawns: Pig Faced Orcs

Does the Orc Warlord have a band of raiders terrorizing the countryside? Does the Evil Wizard require lieutenants to marshal his troops? Does their Dark Deity require pawns to use in an eternal battle against the Forces of Good? These Pig Faced Orcs can do all that and more! Whether on command by their own chief, or at the order of some greater, more sinister evil, Orcs can be found in nearly...   [click here for more]
Fantanomicon Press  $1.99

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Printable Pawns:  Rugged Adventurers

Printable Pawns: Rugged Adventurers

Planning a safari through the Congo? Organizing an expedition to find a Lost City? Hunting ferocious dinosaurs in the fabled jungles at the Center of the Earth? Then you need Rugged Adventurers! These stalwart heroes will see you to the ends of the Earth and back again, no matter what dangers lay in the way. So grab your leather jacket and your fedora, because these figures are ready for action!...   [click here for more]
Fantanomicon Press  $3.99

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Printable Pawns:  Space Heroes

Printable Pawns: Space Heroes

Space. It offers unlimited possibilities for boundless adventure. Civilizations unite to form interstellar alliances and galactic empires. Unclaimed star sectors boast wild, unexplored systems and the ruins of cosmic kingdoms, ripe for plunder.   Space Heroes are the select beings who rise to face these challenges. Whether propelled by noble purposes or just after a posted reward, these...   [click here for more]
Fantanomicon Press  $3.99

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Printable Pawns:  Survivors of the Fallout

Printable Pawns: Survivors of the Fallout

The world has ended!  The ruined planet is now a wasteland ravished by radiation and dotted with the remains of technologically advanced civilizations. Survivors of the Fallout are the adventurers who scavenge the tools and relics of the past to endure the hardships of a savage future.  Mutated wildlife, vicious plants, and maddened machines run rampant, threatening the new, primitive societies. ...   [click here for more]
Fantanomicon Press  $3.99

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