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Hero System Equipment Guide - PDF

Hero System Equipment Guide - PDF

TOOLS OF THE TRADE Has your character ever been on an adventure and found himself without just the right weapon or tool for the situation? That won't happen again if you've got The HERO System Equipment Guide, a comprehensive collection of gadgets, weapons, devices, gizmos, and tools for your HERO System games. Within this virtual equipment locker you'll find: - swords, bows,...   [cliquer ici pour plus]
Hero Games  $17.50

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HERO System Bestiary

HERO System Bestiary

A creature for every need. No matter what genre, time period, or setting your campaign takes place in, the HERO System Bestiary has creatures and monsters for you to use! Designed for use with any HERO System game, the Bestiary describes dozens of real-world animals, fantastic beasts, monsters, and strange creatures from movies and science fiction....   [cliquer ici pour plus]
Hero Games  $24.95 $12.49

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