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 Hottest Old-School Revival (OSR), 4e/GSL
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The Haunting of Larvik Island-The Encounter Maps

The Haunting of Larvik Island-The Encounter Maps

This product is a collection of map files and resources suitable to be used with adventure module The Haunting of Larvik Island by Stephen Newton. For the judge playing with minifigs... 14 "battlemap" scaled maps (suitable for printing out and using with minifigs). The maps were originally published in the 4E D&D version of The Haunting of Larvik Island. For the...   [cliquer ici pour plus]
Thick Skull Adventures   FREE 

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Forbidden Monsters of Foree: Brainlashers (Cardstock CharactersTM)

Forbidden Monsters of Foree: Brainlashers (Cardstock CharactersTM)

Behold the strange and terrible world of Foree! Awful and nonsensical are the rules of this inhospitable world, where Wizards alone reserve the right to utter the names of certain monsters. But we have dared to mention here one of these fell creatures, the Brainlasher, and to present its fearful likenesses for your consideration. Using their alien technology, psionic abilities, and mind-shattering...   [cliquer ici pour plus]
Skirmisher Publishing  $2.99

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Kobold Quarterly Magazine 22

Kobold Quarterly Magazine 22

Kobold Quarterly's big summer issue is the most diverse ever, with articles for Pathfinder RPG, 4th Edition D&D, AGE System, Castles & Crusades, and 13th Age. Old school, new school, and everything in between — this issue's got it: The archdevil Barbatos, gatekeeper of Golarion’s Hells Dragonkin servitors of Midgard's Mharoti Empire for 4th Edition D&D Four...   [cliquer ici pour plus]
Kobold Press  $8.99 $4.49

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