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Return to the Void Salvage

Return to the Void Salvage (producto de audio)

It was insanity. We were going back. To... to that place. I swear to you, I could feel our ship's navcom resisting the coordinates we typed in. I can't get what happened to Jenkins out of my mind. "Space madness" they called it. "Pilot error" they also said. They read our reports. They knew what Jenkins said she found. But they didn't listen. Home Office never listens......   [pulse aquí para ver más]
Black Goat Games  $0.99 $0.50

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Waiting for the Abyss to Stare Back

Waiting for the Abyss to Stare Back (producto de audio)

We might have been out in the void for far too long. I don't know. Chambers was getting jumpy. We were doing a lot of waiting. Just goddamned waiting. Lt. Keough mentioned something about a possible signal, but I argued it was just star noise. I don't know. We're all so lonely. Just us out here. No one for billions of klicks. No one. Just us. I don't know. Looking for something to put on...   [pulse aquí para ver más]
Black Goat Games  $0.99 $0.50

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Call of the Pale Light

Call of the Pale Light (producto de audio)

Finally, the haunting from my dreams was before my very eyes. I did as it urged-- I approched. It spoke to me, directly; not in any known tongue, but through the core of my being. I didn't know what was going to happen next... but I knew it was probably the first step down a very dark road. This track is designed to help with the atmosphere of your tabletop games, be they dark fantasy, horror,...   [pulse aquí para ver más]
Black Goat Games  $0.99 $0.50

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The Event Horizon

The Event Horizon (producto de audio)

Dr. Seith Chandler looked at the instrument panels. There was something Captain Holz wasn't telling him. She was trying to remain calm, but Seith could see the stress underneath it all. They had approached too close to the anomaly, he internally chanted; too close, too close. After a tense few moments, Holz muttered "oh no". Eerie, weird, ominous, and a bit droning, this track...   [pulse aquí para ver más]
Black Goat Games  $1.25 $0.99

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Jovian Tears

Jovian Tears (producto de audio)

"There was no telling what the pulsewave we were picking up was exactly. A message? A distress signal? A warning? There was no way of telling... especially all the way out here." A track of simple elegance, comprised of haunting ethereal synthesizers, "Jovian Tears" is designed to compliment your sci-fi, deep space, cyberpunk, or Mythos games. Of course, it can easily...   [pulse aquí para ver más]
Black Goat Games  $0.99 $0.75

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