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The Blood Hack

The Blood Hack

You are a chosen of The Blood, caught in the macabre dance of their nightly existence. The mortal world and its restraints are behind you, but freedom comes at a cost.    Now you prey upon those you may have once loved or acknowledged as equals. What effect does this change have on you and your actions?   Yet vampires aren’t alone. The world teems with...   [Klicke hier für weiteres]
DYS Games  $3.99 $2.99

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Delve: Inktober 2017

Delve: Inktober 2017

What follows is a collection of original fantasy maps illustrated as part of the Inktober 2017 Challenge. Each page contains a daily map that can be used separately, in a series, or as part of one gigantic delve spanning the full 31 maps. As with all of roan studio’s products, these maps can easily be dropped into any fantasy campaign setting. These are detailed illustrations created...   [Klicke hier für weiteres]
Roan Studio  $3.00 $2.25

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